Euros definition

Euros means the currency adopted by those nations participating in the third stage of the economic and monetary union provisions of the Treaty on European Union, signed at Maastricht on February 7, 1992.
Euros and “€” mean the single currency of the Participating Member States.
Euros means the single currency of participating member states of the European Union.

Examples of Euros in a sentence

  • All computations and all payments made under this Agreement will be in Euros.

  • The Company shall annually pay to the INSTITUTIONS a non-refundable, non-creditable payment of Ten Thousand Euros (10.000 €).

  • Milestone Event Amount (Euros) IND achievement (EMA or FDA) 35,000€ Completion of first Phase 1 study 250,000 € Completion of first Phase 2 study 500,000 € Completion of first Phase 3 study 1,200,000 € First commercial product approval in US, EU or Japan .

More Definitions of Euros

Euros or “€” means the lawful currency of the EEA Member Countries that have adopted and retain the single currency in accordance with the treaty establishing the European Community, as amended from time to time.
Euros means lawful currency of the European Union.
Euros and the designation “€” shall mean the currency introduced on January 1, 1999 at the start of the third stage of European economic and monetary union pursuant to the Treaty.
Euros means the single currency of the European Union as constituted by the Treaty on the European Union.
Euros or “€” refers to the single currency of Participating Member States of the European Union, which shall be an Agreed Foreign Currency and a Foreign Currency under this Agreement.