Definition of Euro Borrowing

Euro Borrowing means a borrowing hereunder consisting of Euro Advances made on the same day by the Lenders (or Agent on behalf thereof), or by Agent in the case of a Protective Advance.
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Euro Borrowing means any Borrowing denominated in Euro.
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Examples of Euro Borrowing in a sentence

Each Euro Borrowing shall be made on notice given by the German Borrower to the Administrative Agent not later than 12:00 noon (Local Time) three Business Days prior to the date of the proposed Borrowing.
Borrowings also may be classified and referred to by Class (e.g., a Revolving Borrowing or Swingline Borrowing) or by Type (e.g., a Eurodollar Borrowing) or by or by the currency in which they are denominated (e.g., a Euro Borrowing) or by any combination of the foregoing.
Each Euro Borrowing, each conversion of Euro Loans denominated in Dollars from one Type of Dollar-denominated Loans to the other and each continuation of Eurocurrency Rate Loans shall be made upon the requesting Euro Borrower's irrevocable notice to Administrative Agent, which may be given by (A) telephone or (B) a Euro Loan Notice; provided that any telephonic notice must be confirmed immediately by delivery to Administrative Agent of a Euro Loan Notice.
The Company may at any time and from time to time designate any Subsidiary as a US Borrowing Subsidiary or a Euro Borrowing Subsidiary or designate any Canadian Subsidiary as a Canadian Borrowing Subsidiary by delivery to the Administrative Agent of a Borrowing Subsidiary Agreement executed by such Subsidiary and the Company.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the immediately preceding sentence, prior to any repayment of a Swingline Dollar Borrowing or a Swingline Euro Borrowing hereunder, the applicable Swingline Borrower shall select the Borrowing or Borrowings to be repaid and shall notify the Administrative Agent by telephone (confirmed by telecopy) of such selection not later than 1:00 p.m., Local Time, on the scheduled date of such repayment.