Revolving Borrowing definition

Revolving Borrowing means a Borrowing comprised of Revolving Loans.
Revolving Borrowing means the incurrence of Revolving Loans consisting of one Type of Revolving Loan by the Borrower from all of the Lenders having Revolving Commitments in respect thereof on a pro rata basis on a given date (or resulting from Conversions or Continuations on a given date) in the same currency, having in the case of any Eurodollar Loans, the same Interest Period.

Examples of Revolving Borrowing in a sentence

  • Thereafter, the Borrower may elect to convert such Borrowing to a different Type or to continue such Borrowing and, in the case of a Eurodollar Revolving Borrowing, may elect Interest Periods therefor, all as provided in this Section.

  • Promptly following receipt of any such notice relating to a Revolving Borrowing, the Administrative Agent shall advise the Lenders of the contents thereof.

  • Each partial prepayment of any Revolving Borrowing shall be in an amount that would be permitted in the case of an advance of a Revolving Borrowing of the same Type as provided in Section 2.02.

  • Each prepayment of a Revolving Borrowing shall be applied ratably to the Loans included in the prepaid Borrowing.

  • Borrowings also may be classified and referred to by Class (e.g., a "Revolving Borrowing") or by Type (e.g., a "Eurodollar Borrowing") or by Class and Type (e.g., a "Eurodollar Revolving Borrowing").

More Definitions of Revolving Borrowing

Revolving Borrowing means Revolving Loans of the same Type, made, converted or continued on the same date and, in the case of Eurodollar Loans, as to which a single Interest Period is in effect.
Revolving Borrowing means a Borrowing of Revolving Loans.
Revolving Borrowing means a borrowing consisting of simultaneous Revolving Advances made by each Lender pursuant to Section 2.1(a) or Converted by each Lender to Revolving Advances of a different Type pursuant to Section 2.2(b).
Revolving Borrowing means a Borrowing comprised of Revolving Loans and identified as such in the Notice of Borrowing with respect thereto.
Revolving Borrowing means a Borrowing consisting of Revolving Loans.
Revolving Borrowing has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 1.02.
Revolving Borrowing means a request for Revolving Loans.