Escrow Receipt definition

Escrow Receipt. Means the receipt substantially in the form annexed to the Escrow Agreement representing a fractional undivided interest in the funds held in escrow thereunder. Euroclear: Means the Euroclear System.

Examples of Escrow Receipt in a sentence

  • The Escrow Agent shall provide to the Pass Through Trustee for attachment to each Certificate newly issued under and in accordance with the Pass Through Trust Agreement an executed Escrow Receipt as the Pass Through Trustee may from time to time request of the Escrow Agent.

  • Prior to due presentment of a Certificate for registration of transfer, the Escrow Agent and the Paying Agent may treat the Person in whose name any Escrow Receipt is registered (as of the day of determination) as the owner of such Escrow Receipt for the purpose of receiving distributions pursuant to this Agreement and for all other purposes whatsoever, and neither the Escrow Agent nor the Paying Agent shall be affected by any notice to the contrary.

  • This Escrow Receipt represents a fractional undivided interest in amounts deposited from time to time in the Paying Agent Account, and grants or represents no rights, benefits or interests of any kind in respect of any assets or property other than such amounts.

  • By virtue of its acceptance hereof the holder of this Escrow Receipt assents and agrees to be bound by the provisions of the Escrow and Paying Agent Agreement and this Escrow Receipt.

  • This Escrow Receipt is issued under and is subject to the terms, provisions and conditions of the Escrow and Paying Agent Agreement.

More Definitions of Escrow Receipt

Escrow Receipt. Euroclear: Means Morxxx Xxaranty Trust Company of New York, Brussels Office, as operator of the Euroclear System.
Escrow Receipt means a document issued by a financial institution approved by the Clearing Corporation certifying that a security is held by such financial institution in respect of a specified CDCC option of a particular client of a member.