Definition of Adjustment Escrow Amount

Adjustment Escrow Amount means $1,000,000.

Adjustment Escrow Amount means $14,000,000, provided, upon the occurrence of the events set forth in Schedule A-1, Adjustment Escrow Amount shall mean $7,000,000.

Adjustment Escrow Amount means Two Million Seven Hundred Seventy Thousand Two Hundred Ninety-Four Dollars ($2,770,294).

Examples of Adjustment Escrow Amount in a sentence

Closing Cash Consideration means the amount equal to (a) the Estimated Tenet Cash Consideration, plus (b) the Ulysses Working Capital Overage, if any, minus (c) the Ulysses Working Capital Underage, if any, minus (d) the Adjustment Escrow Amount, minus (e) the Ulysses Estimated Transaction Expenses, minus (f) the Tenet Working Capital Overage, if any, plus (g) the Tenet Working Capital Underage, if any, plus (h) the Tenet Estimated Transaction Expenses.
Seller shall be liable for any amount by which the NTBV Shortfall exceeds the Adjustment Escrow Amount, and Seller shall pay such amount, if any, to Buyer by wire transfer of immediately available funds to an account or accounts designated by Buyer.
Immediately prior to the Effective Time, Acquiror shall deposit with the Escrow Agent a portion of the Aggregate Cash Consideration equal to (i) the Adjustment Escrow Amount, plus (ii) the Indemnification Escrow Amount.
At the Closing, Buyer shall transfer the Total Cash Payment less (w) the aggregate Exclusivity Fee Advances, (x) the EVP Loan Repayment Amount, (y) the Escrow Amount and (z) the Final Balance Sheet Adjustment Escrow Amount, as defined below (the Closing Payment) to a bank account designated by Seller.
The Purchase Price Adjustment Escrow Amount shall be used solely for the purposes set forth in Section 2.3(b) and Section 2.3(c) and shall terminate five (5) Business Days after the date on which each of the Final Working Capital and the Final Assumed Indebtedness are finally agreed or determined.

More definitions of Adjustment Escrow Amount

Adjustment Escrow Amount means CAD$3,000,000.