EDC definition

EDC means the external development charges levied/ leviable by whatever name called or in whatever form with all such conditions imposed by the Haryana Government and/or any other competent authority on the said complex and also includes any further increase in external development charges.

Examples of EDC in a sentence

  • An EDC shall not impose additional requirements not specifically authorized under this section.

  • This would not provide any incentive for the Contractor to protect EDC.

  • The permutation test highlighted a grasp-typerelated modulation at timing t2 (i.e. mirror-like effect; Figure 3) on EDC MEPs (day 2pre-cTBS: p=0.028) and thumb MEKs (day 1: p=0.043; day 2pre-cTBS: p=0.014).

  • The EDC team implemented Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) as a primary package for the ages 10-19 adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in schools.

  • Some years later, wildlife populations were studied, and findings led to the creation of the EDC hypothesis with its associated concerns regarding potential for widespread harm, or risk of dramatic adverse effects from exposure to environmental concentrations of hormonally active substances.

More Definitions of EDC

EDC means the external development charges levied by the Government of Haryana, which shall be charged additionally as applicable and the same shall be paid by the Applicant(s) as and when demanded by the Company.
EDC means the education development charge that would be payable in the absence of the exemption;
EDC means any Electronic Data Capture terminals, printers, other peripherals and accessories including PIN pads and necessary software to run the devices, whether in India or overseas, whether of the Bank or a shared network at which, amongst other things, the Cardholder can use his Card issued by the Bank to initiate a transaction at a Merchant Establishment.
EDC means the external development charges levied/leviable by the Government of Haryana now or in future.