Eligible municipality definition

Eligible municipality means any of the following:
Eligible municipality means a municipality: (1) in which is
Eligible municipality means a city of the third, fourth, or fifth class, a town, or a metro township that:

Examples of Eligible municipality in a sentence

  • Eligible municipality" means the same as that term is defined in Section [35A-8-607] 35A-16-305.

  • Eligible municipality application process for Homeless Shelter Cities Mitigation Restricted Account funds.

More Definitions of Eligible municipality

Eligible municipality means the same as that term is defined in Section 35A-8-607.
Eligible municipality means a municipality:
Eligible municipality means a municipality that would be entitled to receive sales and use tax revenue under Subsection 59-12-205(2)(b)(i) in the absence of Subsection 59-12-205(2)(b)(iii).
Eligible municipality means a municipality that is eligible for federal community development block grant entitlement moneys as an entitlement community identified in 24 C.F.R. s. 570, subpart D, Entitlement Grants, or a nonentitlement municipality that is receiving local housing distribution funds under an interlocal agreement that provides for possession and administrative control of funds to be transferred to the nonentitlement municipality. An eligible municipality that defers its participation in community development block grants does not affect its eligibility for participation in the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program.
Eligible municipality means a municipality in this State that
Eligible municipality means a municipality having a
Eligible municipality means a municipality: (1) which qualifies