Participating municipality definition

Participating municipality means a municipality that is designated by or under the Act as a participating municipality in a conservation authority.
Participating municipality means any one of the Participating Municipalities;
Participating municipality means a municipality, county

Examples of Participating municipality in a sentence

  • Liability or Liabilities shall also mean any damage or loss to any real or personal property of, or any injury to or death of, any Person or the County or any Participating Municipality.

  • The County will provide the content that will be carried on the County-wide PEG Channels, and each Participating Municipality will provide the content carried on the Narrowcast PEG Channels.

  • A Participating Municipality may continue to program the number of SD Narrowcast PEG Channels, up to three (3), that it programs as of the Effective Date of this Agreement, as documented in Exhibit E hereto.

  • In addition to the eight County-wide SD Channels, the County may also distribute Narrowcast PEG Channels in unincorporated areas, and may also program Narrowcast PEG channels within a Participating Municipality when the channel is not being used by that Participating Municipality with the consent of the Participating Municipality, so long as the programming does not duplicate programming already shown on another PEG channel in the County.

  • In the event a Participating Municipality covered by6.1.2.3 elects to use their own network link to transport PEG signals as set forth in this Section for its first PEG Origination Point, then the Franchisee shall offset the cost of the encoder/decoder up to a maximum of $5,000 per device.

More Definitions of Participating municipality

Participating municipality means a municipality that has elected to be governed by the provisions of this act. Two or more municipalities may enter into an agreement with each other and the retirement system to participate as a combined unit.
Participating municipality means a city, village or township that has agreed to participate in the North Oakland Household Hazardous Waste Program. Municipal participation shall be evidenced by a duly executed Interlocal Agreement between Oakland County and a city, village or township.
Participating municipality means a city or town whose area is partly or entirely included within a county service area or fire district.
Participating municipality means a municipality, county fire department organized pursuant to subsection D of Section 351 of Title 19 of the Oklahoma Statutes, or fire protection district which is making contributions to the System on behalf of its firefighters;
Participating municipality means a municipality that has adopted a resolution providing for the establishment of and the municipality's participation in an authority.
Participating municipality means an affected municipal- ity which adopts a siting resolution and appoints members to the local committee.
Participating municipality means any municipality which has accepted this