Electorate definition

Electorate means and includes any body or group of members entitled under these Rules to elect persons to one or more of the offices which entitle the holder to membership of the Executive or Central Council.
Electorate means an electorate, the name and boundaries of which are
Electorate means the body of individuals who are eligible to vote in the Leadership Vote; the

Examples of Electorate in a sentence

  • Any person who is a member of a department of the staff of Parliament referred to in, or an electorate officer within the meaning of, the Parliamentary and Electorate Staff (Employment) Act 1992.

  • President of the Legislative Council, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, President of the Legislative Council and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly acting jointly under the Parliamentary and Electorate Staff (Employment) Act 199223A.

  • Depending on the circumstances and faculty personnel involved this may range from a paperwork exercise, to a full course Accreditation.

  • The employer recognises that, under the union’s rules, union representatives are members of an Electorate Delegates Committee representing members within a union electorate.

  • The organization, controlled by the secretary of a parliamentary political party, that is concerned with dealing with the affairs of the party, even if it includes an electorate officer appointed under the Parliamentary and Electorate Staff (Employment) Act 1992 to assist the secretary.

More Definitions of Electorate

Electorate means the electorate that shall elect the Elected Trustees, as determined in the Rules
Electorate means one of the Ngati Kuri Rohe Electorate, the Muriwhenua Electorate or the General Electorate.
Electorate means the geographic areas specified in Rule 7.2 from which councillors are elected.
Electorate means the collective group of all enrolled Carleton University undergraduate students at the time of election
Electorate. , in relation to an Authority, means the area in and for which the Authority is established under Section 3;
Electorate means all students-at-large so eligible to vote in a regular election of the Association;
Electorate means each electoral district for the election of members to serve in the Legislative Assembly.