MB definition

MB means megabyte, which is equal to 1024 kilobytes or 1,048,576 bytes of digital information.
MB means megabits. "MHz" means megahertz.
MB means megabytes (i.e., 1,048,576 bytes, or 2 to the 20th power) of data usage by an End User on the Sprint Network other than in connection with sending or receiving SMSs and “KB” means Kilobytes (i.e., 1,024 bytes, or 2 to the 10th power) of data usage by an End User on the Sprint Network other than in connection with sending or receiving SMSs. MB exclude all Roaming (domestic and international). For purposes of clarity, the usage of data and charges therefor are set forth in this Schedule 1.0 in MBs, but Sprint shall measure and invoice for such usage on a per KB basis. In addition, if in any monthly billing cycle Purchaser has MOU, SMS or MB Overage (as defined below), Sprint shall charge Purchaser an amount equal to [***] The calculation of the overage charges for a monthly billing cycle will be made [***] for each of MOU, SMS and Data. For purposes of this Schedule 1.0, “MOU, SMS or MB Overage” with respect to a monthly billing cycle is calculated as follows: MOU, SMS or MB Overage = [***] A = total usage of the applicable category of usage (MOU, SMS, and MB) for [***] during the monthly billing cycle Bx = Dx x Ex, where “x” is the number assigned to the Pricing Bundle (e.g., Pricing Bundle 1, [***]) C = the applicable overage rate set forth in Table 1-3 *** Certain information on this page has been omitted and filed separately with the Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. Cricket – 6th Amendment Sprint / Cricket Confidential InformationRESTRICTED 6 Executable 6-27-13 Dx = the total number of EOP [***] as of the last day of the monthly billing cycle, where “x” is the number assigned to such Pricing Bundle Ex = the level of usage set forth in Table 1-2 included in the applicable category of usage with respect to the applicable Pricing Bundle, where “x” is the number assigned to such Pricing Bundle Table 1-3: Overage Rates Voice (per MOU) Per SMS (terminated or originated) Data (per MB) [***] [***] [***] An example of the calculation of overage charges is set forth in Attachment 4.0. For reference, the per KB rate is $[***].

Examples of MB in a sentence

  • The “inorganic chemistry” of meat will be discussed in relation to the coordination properties of the central heme iron atom in Mb and its redox chemistry.

  • The data were recorded in the left circular polarisation through 4 IFs, each with a bandwidth of 8-MHz. A bit rate of 128 Mb −1with 2-bit sampling was employed.

  • Bandwidth is assumed to cost$3.50 per Mb per month, with an assumed price decrease of 15% per year in this price.

  • Nonetheless, at present a range in size of a thesis at Virginia Tech varies from 750 Kb to 7 Mb per file in PDF format.

  • Taken from: http://www.fcc.gov/guides/childrens-internet-protection-act ATTACHMENTS NETWORK BROADBAND BANDWIDTHMinimum Capacity (Expressed in Mb or Gb)Maximum Capacity(Expressed in Mb or Gb)Network Bandwidth: Incoming connection TO district schools (WAN)1Gb1GbInternal Network Bandwidth: Connections BETWEEN school buildings (LAN)1Gb3GbBandwidth: Connections WITHIN school buildings (LAN)3Gb10Gb 2.

More Definitions of MB

MB means megabyte.
MB means bigleaf maple; 30 retired November 2010
MB means megabyte, which is equal to 1024 kilobytes or 1,048,576 bytes of digital information. “Must,” “Shall,” or “Mandatory” means a requirement of this RFP that must be met in order for a Proposal to receive consideration.
MB will comply with all Australian labelling regulations and adapt packaging if required at no extra cost. "MB" will support all registration cost to specific Australian bodies (eg Therapeutic Goods Administration) if it wishes so. Such registration might be necessary to penetrate certain specific distribution channels. All products send to Australia must have a shelf life at departure of no less than 1 year. "ACA" will have sole responsibility to market the products as it deems necessary (i.e. product range selection, market price st.n.~.cture, distributicm channels, customers trading terms, gross margin). "MB" will freely supply "ACA" with existing "Everbloom" POSM (poster, display, cards, brochures, wobblers, etc) Payments terms: 60 days after date of invoice. "ACA" has no product liability and no potential liability in respect 0fthe products and "MB "agrees to indemnify and holds "ACA" harmless against any and all liabilities imposed against "ACA" in any way relating to or arising out of (i) a material breach "MB" of this agreement or the gross negligence or wilful misconduct or fraud of"MB" in carrying out its obligation; (ii) any defect in the quality or performance of any product unless the defect was caused by "MB" or (iii) the alleged infringement by any product of any patent, trademark or other proprietary right of any third party unless the alleged infringement was caused by "MB".
MB means Megabytes. "MHz" means megahertz.
MB or “mature bull” shall mean a male elk with at least one brow tine extending six or more inches from the main beam or at least one forked antler with both branches six or more inches long.
MB means 1,024 Kilobytes.