Course of instruction definition

Course of instruction means a series of classroom or cor- respondence courses having a unified purpose which lead to a diploma or degree or to an occupational or vocational objective.
Course of instruction means a course approved by the Minister about appropriate health counselling and the hygienic distribution, use, collection and disposal of syringes.
Course of instruction means the training programs and/or training packages approved from time to time by the State Training Council or its successor including the minimum training requirements.

Examples of Course of instruction in a sentence

  • June 4, 2009.Popular name: Act 451Popular name: NREPA324.43543 Course of instruction in safe handling of firearms; instructors; registration; certificate of competency.Sec.

  • Description: Course of instruction will emphasize sound night operations using NVGs, address common NVG hazards, C-17 specific NVG capabilities and limitations, and the limitations involved in night low-level NVG-aided operations.

  • TEXT OF REPEALED SECTIONS 683A.225 Course of instruction for bail bonds.

  • Course of instruction culminates with conferring a diploma or other recognition of a satisfactorily completed program (except for Home Education Programs).

  • Course of instruction 7(7) The commission may, at any time, require a registrant or applicant for registration or for temporary registration or renewal of registration as a broker, authorized official or salesman, to take and pass a course prescribed by the commission in real estate and subjects related thereto, and may make such arrangements as may be expedient for the provision of such courses.

More Definitions of Course of instruction

Course of instruction means the Certificate III in Residential Aged Care and shall include the minimum training requirements. The term also means any other Course of Instruction approved by the State Training Council that replaces Certificate III in Residential Aged Care.
Course of instruction meansa unit of academic instruction which includes a series of lessons or meetings designed to meet specific educational goals.
Course of instruction means the training programs approved from time to time by the Training Recognition Council including the minimum training requirements for each AQTF level. Trainees undertaking a course of instruction shall be entitled to an AQTF level 4 outcome.
Course of instruction means the complete body of prescribed subjects or studies to prepare students for admission to an examination for licensure in the limited branch of medicine.
Course of instruction means a postsecondary educational program that a school offers through in-person instruction, distance delivery, correspondence study methods, or any combination thereof.
Course of instruction means any course (whether full-time, part-time or by distance learning) leading to a degree, certificate of higher education, diploma of higher education or other award and includes training for any trade, profession or vocation.
Course of instruction means a program of instruction training, or education. (h) “Degree program” has the meaning set forth in Section 71000(i) of Chapter 2.