Eaton definition

Eaton. Vance shall have the right to require the Fund to cease using the name "Eaton Vance" as part of the Fund's name if the Fund ceases, for any reason, to employ the Manager or one if its affiliates as the Fund's manager or investment adviser. Future names adopted by the Fund for itself, insofar as such names include identifying words requiring the consent of the Manager, shall be the property of the Manager and shall be subject to the same terms and conditions.
Eaton shall have the meaning given to that term in the Preamble;
Eaton means Eaton Corporation, an Ohio corporation. Eaton shall be solely responsible to Axcelis Technologies for ensuring that each member of the Eaton Group complies with the applicable terms of this Agreement.

Examples of Eaton in a sentence

  • Affiliated investment company, available to Eaton Vance portfolios and funds, which invests in high quality, U.S. dollar denominated money market instruments.

  • Eaton Vance Management shall sign on behalf of the Trust the tax returns of the Trust, unless applicable law requires a Holder to sign such documents, in which case such documents shall be signed by Eaton Vance Management.

  • Eaton Vance shall pay the entire salaries and fees of all of the Trust’s Trustees and officers employed by Eaton Vance and who devote part or all of their time to the affairs of Eaton Vance, and the salaries and fees of such persons shall not be deemed to be expenses incurred by the Trust for purposes of this Section 3.

  • In the event a sub-adviser or sub-administrator is employed, Eaton Vance retains the authority to immediately assume responsibility for any functions delegated to a sub-adviser or sub-administrator, subject to approval by the Board and notice to the sub-adviser or sub-administrator.

  • It is understood that Trustees and officers of the Trust and shareholders of the Fund are or may be or become interested in Eaton Vance as trustees, officers, employees, shareholders or otherwise and that trustees, officers, employees and shareholders of Eaton Vance are or may be or become similarly interested in the Fund, and that Eaton Vance may be or become interested in the Fund as a shareholder or otherwise.

More Definitions of Eaton

Eaton shall permit SEN's employees to make a reasonable number of routine visits to certain facilities of EATON, its Affiliated or Related Companies that manufacture the Products to enable SEN to gain knowledge with respect to the manufacture of the Products. EATON and SEN shall agree upon the number of SEN's employees to make such visits prior to any such visit. Any and all expenses, including salaries, of SEN's personnel making such visits shall be paid solely by SEN.
Eaton means Eaton Corporation, an Ohio Corporation.
Eaton in stylized form, also referred to as LOGO or logomark.
Eaton in its corporate name, subject to and upon the terms of a Corporate Name Agreement dated April 1, 1983 (hereinafter called the SEN Corporate Name Agreement), and these agreements with SEN have been assigned by EATON to LICENSEE.
Eaton means Eaton Corporation.
Eaton in block, Helvetica or other type letters; and