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DOCVARIABLE. SWDocIDLocation" " = "1" " DOCPROPERTY "SWDocID" #4870-7680-5924v2" ""
DOCVARIABLE. SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" " DOCPROPERTY "SWDocID" ACTIVEUS 189279026v.12" "" ACTIVEUS 189279026v.12 116947851_3 000 Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 (AOTC) / iTeos Therapeutics - Page 14
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  • DOCVARIABLE "SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" "" "" Note) covered by such Security Document free and clear of any security interest, mortgage, pledge, lien, encumbrance or claim, other than as permitted under the Convertible Notes Indenture.

  • The Holder also represents that it maintains, to the extent IF " DOCVARIABLE "SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" "" "" required, either directly or through the use of a third-party administrator, policies and procedures reasonably designed for the screening of any investors against Sanctions-related lists of blocked or restricted persons and to ensure that the funds held by the Holder and used to purchase the Note are derived from lawful activities.

  • DOCVARIABLE "SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" "" "" or liabilities of any party hereto under this Subscription Agreement or for any claim, action, suit or other legal proceeding based on, in respect of or by reason of the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • DOCVARIABLE "SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" "" "" officers, or any other representative acting on behalf of the Borrower or its Subsidiaries, has engaged in any conduct, activity, or practice that would constitute a violation or apparent violation of any applicable sanctions laws administered by OFAC, the U.S. Department of State, or other applicable Governmental Authority.

  • Except as described above and in the SEC Reports, the Borrower timely filed each report, statement, schedule, prospectus, and registration statement that the Borrower was required to file IF " DOCVARIABLE "SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" "" "" with the SEC since inception.

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DOCVARIABLE. SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" " DOCPROPERTY "SWDocID" ActiveUS 186047966v.2" "" ActiveUS 186047966v.2 Aileron Therapeutics, Inc. Restricted Stock Unit Agreement
DOCVARIABLE. SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" " DOCPROPERTY "SWDocID" ActiveUS 186047966v.2" "" ActiveUS 186047966v.2 Automatic Sale Instructions The undersigned hereby consents and agrees that any taxes due on a vesting date as a result of the vesting of RSUs on such date shall be paid through an automatic sale of shares as follows:
DOCVARIABLE. SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" " DOCPROPERTY "SWDocID" 4828-0896-6877v2/104907-0000" "" 4828-0896-6877v2/104907-0000 ____ Additional sheets attached.
DOCVARIABLE. SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" " DOCPROPERTY "SWDocID" ACTIVEUS 194344017v.2" "" ACTIVEUS 194344017v.2
DOCVARIABLE. SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" " DOCPROPERTY "SWDocID" NY 78887065v5" "" NY 78887065v5 the Demised Premises (collectively, the “Sublet Spaces”) (in addition to the premises occupied by Tenant) for temporary sublet, which Sublet Spaces shall not exceed, in the aggregate, 20,000 Rentable Square Feet (which, for avoidance of doubt, one of the four Sublet Spaces may include part or all of the portion of the Original Demised Premises now sublet to OceanSound Partners), and (ii) to sublet the Sublet Spaces to subtenants (“Approved Subtenants”) upon notice to Landlord in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 under the Lease and subject to the terms of the next sentence. Provided that any proposed sublease of the Sublet Spaces occurs within the first five (5) years after the 7th Floor Commencement Date, (x) Landlord shall not unreasonably withhold, delay or condition consent to any such proposed subtenant, and (y) the following provisions of the Lease shall not apply to the applicable proposed subletting of the Sublet Spaces: (I) recapture rights under Section 10.03, (II) the profit-sharing rights under Section 10.07, or (III) the limitations of Section 10.11. Vacant Sublet Spaces shall not be deemed to be Tenant’s “abandonment” or “not in occupancy” under any provision of the Lease. Tenant shall be liable for all costs or expenses to legally demise the Sublet Spaces and any such alterations (which may, at Tenant’s option, be part of the 7th Floor Initial Improvement Work) shall be performed in accordance with Article 5 of the Lease.
DOCVARIABLE. SWDocIDLocation" 1" = "1" " DOCPROPERTY "SWDocID" [[6180052]]" "" [[6180052]] the Swingline Lender and the Issuing Bank from the Borrower (other than in connection with Banking Services Obligations or Swap Agreement Obligations), second, to pay any fees, indemnities, or expense reimbursements then due to the Lenders from the Borrower (other than in connection with Banking Services Obligations or Swap Agreement Obligations), third, to pay interest then due and payable on the Loans ratably, fourth, to prepay principal on the Loans and unreimbursed L/C Disbursements, to pay any amounts owing in respect of Swap Agreement Obligations and Banking Services Obligations up to and including the amount most recently provided to the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 2.24 (with amounts allocated to the Term Loans of any Class applied to reduce the subsequent scheduled repayments of the Term Loans of such Class to be made pursuant to Section 2.10 in inverse order of maturity) and to pay an amount to the Administrative Agent equal to one hundred five percent (105%) of the aggregate Revolving L/C Exposure, to be held as cash collateral for such Obligations, ratably, and fifth, to the payment of any other Secured Obligation due to the Administrative Agent or any Lender from the Borrower or any other Loan Party. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, unless so directed by the Borrower, or unless a Default is in existence, neither the Administrative Agent nor any Lender shall apply any payment which it receives to any Term SOFR Loan of a Class, except (i) on the expiration date of the Interest Period applicable thereto, or (ii) in the event, and only to the extent, that there are no outstanding ABR Loans of the same Class and, in any such event, the Borrower shall pay the break funding payment required in accordance with Section 2.16. The Administrative Agent and the Lenders shall have the continuing and exclusive right to apply and reverse and reapply any and all such proceeds and payments to any portion of the Secured Obligations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Secured Obligations arising under Banking Services Obligations or Swap Agreement Obligations shall be excluded from the application described above and paid in clause sixth if the Administrative Agent has not received written notice thereof, together with such supporting documentation as the Administrative Agent may have reasonably requested from the applicable provider of such ...