Direct operations definition

Direct operations means that portion of a title insurer's operations which are
Direct operations means that portion of a title insurer’s operations which are attributable to business written by a bona fide employee.
Direct operations means that portion of a title insurer's operations that is

Examples of Direct operations in a sentence

  • Direct operations of Richland County; and delegate management authorities as appropriate.

  • Direct scope: AXA Global Direct (France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, South Korea and Japan), UK Direct operations.

  • Direct (P&C): AXA Global Direct (Belgium, France, Italy, Japan, Poland, Portugal, South Korea and Spain), UK Direct operations.

  • Direct operations activities to ensure that all phases of operational readiness are scheduled and maintained with particular emphasis on drawdown-critical activities.

  • The Company's NIKE Direct operations are managed within each geographic operating segment.

  • References to wholesale equivalent revenues are intended to provide context as to the total size of our NIKE Brand market footprint if we had no NIKE Direct operations.

  • Direct operations can be defined as the kinetic clash of force using firepower and movement.• Information Operations.

  • As per Rule 170 of General Commercial Rules (GFRs) 2017, Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) and the firms registered with concerned Ministries/ Departments are exempted from submission of Bid Security.

  • Direct operations, services and safety programs of the Risk Management and Safety Department.2. In cases of imminent danger to life or health, order the cessation of hazardous activity until the danger from such a condition is abated or adequate corrective measures have been taken.

  • The Company's reportable operating segments for the NIKE Brand are: North America; Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA); Greater China; and Asia Pacific & Latin America (APLA), and include results for the NIKE and Jordan brands.The Company's NIKE Direct operations are managed within each NIKE Brand geographic operating segment.

Related to Direct operations

  • Business operations means engaging in commerce in any form, including by acquiring, developing, maintaining, owning, selling, possessing, leasing, or operating equipment, facilities, personnel, products, services, personal property, real property, or any other apparatus of business or commerce.

  • Operations means office maintenance, including salaries and expenses of employees, office supplies, consultation fees, design costs, and other expenses incurred in the daily management of the authority and planning of its activities.

  • Production Operations means all operations conducted for the purpose of producing Petroleum from the Development Area after the commencement of production from the Development Area including the operation and maintenance of all necessary facilities therefor.

  • Exploration Operations means operations conducted in the Contract Area pursuant to this Contract in searching for Petroleum and in the course of an Appraisal Programme and shall include but not be limited to aerial, geological, geophysical, geochemical, palaeontological, palynological, topographical and seismic surveys, analysis, studies and their interpretation, investigations relating to the subsurface geology including structural test drilling, stratigraphic test drilling, drilling of Exploration Xxxxx and Appraisal Xxxxx and other related activities such as surveying, drill site preparation and all work necessarily connected therewith that is conducted in connection with Petroleum exploration.

  • Branch operations means any business operations of a branch captive insurance company in this State.

  • Restricted business operations means business operations in Sudan that include power production activities, mineral extraction activities, oil-related activities, or the production of military equipment, as those terms are defined in the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act of 2007 (Pub. L. 110-174). Restricted business operations do not include business operations that the person (as that term is defined in Section 2 of the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act of 2007) conducting the business can demonstrate—

  • Salvage operation means any business, trade or industry engaged in whole or in part in salvaging or reclaiming any product or material, including but not limited to metals, chemicals, shipping containers or drums.

  • Development Operations means operations conducted in accordance with the Development Plan and shall include, but not be limited to the purchase, shipment or storage of equipment and materials used in developing Petroleum accumulations, the drilling, completion and testing of Development Xxxxx, the drilling and completion of Xxxxx for Gas or water injection, the laying of gathering lines, the installation of offshore platforms and installations, the installation of separators, tankages, pumps, artificial lift and other producing and injection facilities required to produce, process and transport Petroleum into main Oil storage or Gas processing facilities, either onshore or offshore, including the laying of pipelines within or outside the Contract Area, storage at Delivery Point(s), the installation of said storage or Gas processing facilities, the installation of export and loading facilities and other facilities required for the development and production of the said Petroleum accumulations and for the delivery of Crude Oil and/or Gas at the Delivery Point and also including incidental operations not specifically referred to herein but required for the most efficient and economic development and production of the said Petroleum accumulations in accordance with modern oilfield and petroleum industry practices.

  • Petroleum Operations means, as the context may require, Exploration Operations, Development Operations or Production Operations or any combination of two or more of such operations, including construction, operation and maintenance of all necessary facilities, plugging and abandonment of Xxxxx, safety, environmental protection, transportation, storage, sale or disposition of Petroleum to the Delivery Point, Site Restoration and any or all other incidental operations or activities as may be necessary.

  • Drilling operations means the actual drilling or redrilling of a well for exploration, production, observation, or injection, including the running and cementing of casing and the installation of wellhead equipment. “Drilling Operations” do not include perforating, logging, or related operations after all the casing has been cemented.

  • Farming operation means raising, cultivating, propagating, fattening, grazing, or any other farming, livestock, or aquacultural operation.

  • Projects means any and all parcels of real property owned by the Borrower or with respect to which the Borrower owns an interest (whether directly or indirectly) on which are located improvements with a gross leasable area in excess of 50,000 sq. ft. or with respect to which construction and development of such improvements are under development.

  • Reasonable and Prudent Operator means a person seeking, in good faith, to perform its contractual obligations and, in so doing and in the general conduct of its undertaking, exercising that degree of skill, diligence, prudence and foresight which would reasonably and ordinarily be expected from a skilled and experienced operator complying with all applicable Legal Requirements engaged in the same type of undertaking in similar circumstances and conditions;

  • Generation Operations Center means the location of Buyer’s real-time operations personnel.

  • Radiographic operations means all activities performed with a radiographic exposure device, or with a radiation machine. Activities include using, transporting except by common or contract carriers, or storing at a temporary job site, performing surveys to confirm the adequacy of boundaries, setting up equipment, and any activity inside restricted area boundaries. Transporting a radiation machine is not considered a radiographic operation.

  • Farm operation means any activity conducted solely or primarily for the production of one or more agricultural products or commodities, including timber, for sale or home use, and customarily producing such products or commodities in sufficient quantity to be capable of contributing materially to the operator's support.