Destroy definition

Destroy. Destruction”, for Confidential Information, means:
Destroy means to remove Data such that it is not maintained in retrievable form and cannot be retrieved in the normal course of business.
Destroy means the complete killing of weeds or the kill- ing of weed plants above the surface of the ground by the use of chemicals, cutting, tillage, cropping system, pasturing livestock, or any or all of these in effective combination, at a time and in a manner as will effectually prevent the weed plants from maturing to the bloom or flower stage.

Examples of Destroy in a sentence

  • The photograph emphasizes James’s “monstrosity” by contrasting it with Bündchen’s gentility, which corresponds to the gentility of the woman in Destroy this Mad Brute: Enlist and King Kong.

  • Based on experience in the South West Growth Centre, the feasibility of achieving a Precinct wide Section 90 Consent to Destroy permit is limited due to the fragmented ownership and requirement to achieve landowner consent.

  • The message of Destroy this Mad Brute: Enlist is particularly troubling, yet reflective of white- black relations, for its message of violence toward the brute, which, in the photograph, is a black person.

  • Destroy when 3 years old or when no longer needed for reference, whichever is sooner.

  • Destroy 1 year after cutoff.[NOTE: Alternative reviews such as computer security reviews and management and consultant studies may need to be kept longer than provided in item 14f(2).

More Definitions of Destroy

Destroy means to remove data or a record:
Destroy means (A) shredding; (B) permanently erasing and deleting; (C) degaussing; or (D) otherwise modifying Confidential Utility Information in paper, electronic, or other means so as to make it unreadable, unreconstructible, and indecipherable. All Confidential Utility Information as may be specifically requested by Utility must be disposed of in a manner described in (A) through (D) herein.
Destroy means to remove Data from Researcher’s systems, paper files, records, databases, and any other media regardless of format, in accordance with the standard detailed in NIST Special Publication 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization so that Data is permanently irretrievable in the Researcher’s normal course of business.
Destroy or "Destruction" means the act of ensuring the PII cannot be reused or reconstituted in a format which could be used as originally intended and that the PII is virtually impossible to recover or is prohibitively expensive to reconstitute in its original format.
Destroy means the removal of a tree or harm resulting in the death, ruin, or removal of a tree by cutting, burning, uprooting, chemical application or other means including irreversible injury that may result from neglect, accident or design and the termdestruction” shall have a corresponding meaning;
Destroy means the injuring or removal of trees by cutting, burning, uprooting, chemical application or other means;
Destroy. , (or ‘Destruction’) means, as the case requires, kill by one or more of the following methods: