Normal Course of Business Sample Clauses

Normal Course of Business. Seller shall continue to operate, manage and maintain the Property in such condition so that the Property shall be in the same condition as of the Closing Date as it is as of the Effective Date, reasonable wear and tear and casualty excepted. In no event shall Seller be required to improve the Real Property or to undertake any expenditures resulting in improvement of the Real Property. Seller shall maintain liability and property insurance policies in connection with the Property and shall keep in effect and renew without modification all licenses, permits and entitlements applicable to the Property. Seller's existing liability and property insurance pertaining to the Property will be canceled by Seller as of the Closing Date.
Normal Course of Business. After the date of this Agreement, the Seller shall cause the Business to be carried on in the normal course of business.
Normal Course of Business. Provided that no default has occurred on the Secured & Collateralized Promissory Note Document C-02152008, Writer will use and possess the Collateral in the normal course of business. Further, Writer may liquidate, transfer, or exchange the Collateral into another viable investment vehicle with equal or greater market value, such as liquidation of money market fund into cash, or liquidation of money market fund for purposes of investing in other viable investment vehicles including but not limited to bonds, other money market funds, mutual funds, or stocks. However, any liquidation, transfer, or exchange into another viable investment vehicle will not affect Holder’s security, rights, or claims to the underlying Collateral. Writer will at all times take the necessary reasonable steps to maintain the perfection of Holder’s security interest in the pledged account, and at any time upon Holder’s request, Writer will promptly provide update on the investment vehicle placement of this Collateral.
Normal Course of Business. Each of the Partnership and the Company shall have operated its business in the normal course prior to Closing, except as permitted or required under this agreement or the Cellular 2000 Purchase Agreement or by Purchaser in writing, including without limitation the continuation by the Partnership of budgeted capital improvements, and shall have continued to market the Cellular System's services in the normal course of business and in accordance with past practices.
Normal Course of Business. From the date hereof until the Time of Closing, the Shareholder will cause the Company and each of its Subsidiaries to maintain its corporate existence in good standing; maintain the general character of its business and proper business and accounting records; maintain its tangible properties in good repair and condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted; maintain all presently existing insurance coverage under which it is a beneficiary; use its best efforts to preserve its business organization intact, to keep the services of its present principal employees and to preserve its good will and the good will of its suppliers, customers and others having business relationships with it; pay its trade payables in a manner consistent with past business practice; and in all other respects conduct its business in the usual and ordinary manner.
Normal Course of Business. After the Effective Date of this Agreement, and through the Inspection Period, Seller shall cause the Practice to be carried on in the normal course of business, including maintaining normal inventory supplies.
Normal Course of Business. The Successor shall have all the working rights to carry/run on the restaurant Business after the closing date. The Successor will be eligible to transfer all the Electricity, telephonic and related bills in their own name without any obstruction from predecessor to carry on the business in a smooth manner. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, title to and risk in the Business shall pass to the Successor company at the Closing. The successor company is running the business from the past …………. in the trial phase and has taken all steps to transfer and carry on the business smoothly.
Normal Course of Business. From the date of this Agreement until the Closing Date, Alpha shall continue to conduct its business and affairs related to the Alpha Rights in the normal and ordinary course of business. Without the prior written consent of SciClone, Alpha shall not take any action, omit to take any required action, or execute or deliver any agreement with respect to the Alpha Rights which is not in the ordinary course of business of Alpha.