Design features definition

Design features means those features of a remediation that do not rely on additional expenditures after installation to achieve their intended purpose.

Examples of Design features in a sentence

Design, features, overall quality, local facilities, terms and other pertinent considerations will be taken into account in determining acceptability.

Design features of the construction or renovation of buildings (s) and structures, including, as appropriate, elevations, materials, colors, etc.

Design features to be incorporated in proposed construction or reconstruction (as applicable)Provided Not Proposed -- Edge of proposed driveway (include width and radii) Location of proposed median openings and guide rail Proposed buildings or structures Proposed privately owned utility connections in the right-of-way (Note: an additional plan set and/or separate permit may be required for any proposed utility connections.

Any Applications seeking an exception to this requirement must provide a detailed narrative discussing why Universal Design features cannot be provided.

Design features which increase radio influence level shall be avoided.