DAS definition

DAS means digital addressable cable systems comprising of an electronic device (which includes hardware and its associated software) or more than one electronic device put in an integrated system through which signals of the network can be sent in encrypted form and decoded by the devices having an activated conditional access system at the premises of the subscriber within the limits of authorization made through CAS and SMS, by the cable operator to the subscriber on the explicit choice and request of such subscriber;
DAS means the Department of Administrative Services for the State of Oregon.

Examples of DAS in a sentence

  • Also whether all TS from MUX are encrypted for non DAS & DAS area.

  • A vendor’s disclosure or distribution of bids other than to DAS, Bureau of Purchase and Property may be grounds for disqualification.

  • The VMS account does not carry a stock balance because of the DAS principle.

  • SLP(C) No. 6755-6757/2021 XIV FOR EXEMPTION FROM FILING O.T. ON IA 62140/2020IA No. 62140/2020 - EXEMPTION FROM FILING O.T. BABUL DAS (2) AND ORS.

  • Failure of an institution to maintain a sufficient number of employees who have completed the local administration competency certification program is grounds for revocation under the bill.Revocation of local administration authority (R.C. 3345.51(E)) If the Board of Regents revokes the authority of a certified institution to administer a capital project locally, DAS must assume responsibility for the completion of the project.

More Definitions of DAS

DAS has the meaning given it in Section 12.3.
DAS means the data acquisition system, including but not limited to a meteorological system, production meter and data logger. The DAS measures and logs the following four parameters on a 15-minute average basis at the Property: (1) actual AC electricity production of the SEF (in kWh); (2) solar insolation measured in the global horizontal plane (in kWh/m2); (3) ambient air temperature; (4) cell temperature; and (5) wind speed.