CTW definition

CTW means Charoong Thai Wire and Cable Public Co., Ltd., a company incorporated in Thailand and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand;

Examples of CTW in a sentence

  • Conference with Labor Negotiators: Agency Negotiator: G.F. Duerig Employee Organizations: Alameda County Management Employees Association; Alameda County Building and Construction Trades Council, Local 342, AFL-CIO; International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, Local 21, AFL-CIO; Local 1021 of the Service Employees International Union, CTW; Unrepresented Management.

  • Deductions for any biweekly pay period shall be remitted to the designated Union official of MCO, SEIU Local 526-M, CTW, with an alphabetical list of names, by Department and Agency, of all active employees from whom deductions have been made, and the amount deducted, indicating whether it represents union dues or voluntary representation fee, no later than ten calendar days after the close of the pay period of deduction.

  • This working Agreement is an expression of the mutual confidence and understanding existing between the Michigan Corrections Organization, Service Employees International Union, Local 526M, Change to Win (CTW), and the State of Michigan.

  • Comments on the pre-audit page such as “not required” are not sufficient, and must state the specific reason the CTW is not required.

  • This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the State of Michigan and its principal Departments and Agencies (hereinafter referred to as the "Employer"), through the Office of the State Employer, and the Michigan Corrections Organization, Service Employees International Union, Local 526M, CTW, as exclusive representative of employees employed by the State of Michigan (as set forth specifically in the recognition clause) hereinafter referred to as the "Union".

  • Rates should be submitted based on hundredweight (CTW) as a one-time charge for services identified.

  • Sterling Morton High School District 201, Cook County, Illinois and Service Employees International Union Local 73, CTW.

  • Any individual found on campus after a CTW hasbeen issued against them is subject to immediate arrest by DPS.

  • Use this lowest cost unrestricted airfare cost as the CTW baseline cost.

  • You are REQUIRED to attach the screenshot as a supporting record to the CTW cost.

More Definitions of CTW

CTW means Cygne TW, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
CTW or "CityLink-Tulla Widening" is together each of the WLU and the State Returned Works Upgrade. "CTW Agreed Timetable" comprises the respective dates notified by the Company and the Trustee in accordance with clause 4C.1(f) provided such dates are within the access period specified in the CTW Property Schedule for making available for the CTW the land identified in the CTW Property Schedule.

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  • CSDP means the Central Securities Depository Prague

  • CTC means Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited together with its Subsidiaries (excluding the REIT and the REIT’s Subsidiaries), or, as the context requires, any of them.

  • PCC means the Particular Conditions of Contract;

  • CS means the New York State Department of Civil Service. “DOB” shall mean New York State Division of the Budget. “EEO” shall mean Equal Employment Opportunity.

  • CSDCC means the China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. “CSRC” means the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

  • IOSCO means the International Organisation of Securities Commissions.

  • CSD means the Issuer’s central securities depository and registrar in respect of the Bonds, from time to time, initially Euroclear Sweden AB, Swedish Reg. No. 556112-8074,P.O. Box 191, 101 23 Stockholm, Sweden.

  • CRM means the DDA Case Resource Manager.

  • CCS means one hundred (100) call seconds.

  • SDP means the Site Development Plan approved by the Local Authority;

  • SOFRi means the SOFR for:

  • Honeywell means Honeywell International Inc.

  • AGLC means the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

  • CSA means Canadian Standards Association;

  • Antiperspirant means any product including, but not limited to, aerosols, roll-ons, sticks, pumps, pads, creams, and squeeze-bottles, that is intended by the manufacturer to be used to reduce perspiration in the human axilla by at least 20 percent in at least 50 percent of a target population.

  • NCI means the National Cancer Institute.

  • PSEA means the Employers’ association established for post-secondary colleges and institutes under the Public Sector Employers’ Act.

  • coronavirus means severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);

  • Packer means a worker who packs goods for transport by air, post, rail or ship. Provided that a worker who packs goods for delivery by road transport where the destination of such goods is beyond a radius of 25 miles of the nearest post office to the employer's business, shall be classed as a packer