Wire and Cable Sample Clauses

Wire and Cable. This section covers the furnishing and installation of all power, control and instrument cable for the project. Wire and cable shall comply with ICEA, IEEE, NFPA, UL, ANSI and IPCEA codes, standards and specifications. Cables shall be sized to withstand the anticipated fault current at the load terminals for the anticipated fault duration or 0.5 seconds, whichever is greater. Cables routed through a combination of different raceways or environments, such as cable tray, conduit, underground or high ambient areas, shall be sized in a manner resulting in the largest conductor size. Cable ampacities shall be based upon 125 percent of motor nameplate rating or maximum running load, whichever is greater; 125 percent of a transformer's highest continuous rating; and the maximum ambient temperature to which they shall be subjected. Cables shall be suitable for installation in wet or dry locations, indoors and outdoors, in cable tray, conduit or duct banks. Power cable shall be provided with Class B, uncoated, annealed copper conductor. Control and instrument cable shall be provided with Class B, uncoated annealed copper conductor. Medium voltage cable shall be shielded in accordance with ICEA S-68-516. The Contractor shall provide cable types as follows: Cable Type Insulation Jacket (flame retardant) ---------- ---------- ------------------------ 8kV/5kV Single Cond EPR PVC or CPE shielded Power 600V single cond EPR or XLP PVC, CPE, or None Power Multi conductor EPR, XLP CPE or PVC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EPC - Exhibit B -------------------- TENASKA GEORGIA GENERATION PROJECT Page 97 of 132 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Control Cable EPR, XLP, PVC-Nylon CPE or PVC Instrument Cable EPR/XLP/PVC-Nylon CPE or PVC Thermocouple XLP, PVC-Nylon CPE or PVC Shielding tape for instrumentation cable shall be copper or aluminum providing 100 percent coverage. Individual raceway systems shall be established for each of the following services:
Wire and Cable. Wire and cable shall be insulated copper wire. It shall be properly coded with white neutral, according to N.E.C. Code. All copper conductors except #12 branch circuits, shall be standard code type "THW", 71-12,N" or "THWN" insulated wire. Branch circuit conductors (#12) shall be type "TW", "THW", "THNN", "THWN" insulated wire. Tenant shall use no wire smaller than No. 12 "AWG" for lighting and/or power.
Wire and Cable. 1. Wire shall be copper conductor minimum 75°C insulation, THHN minimum = 12 AWG unless otherwise noted. All wiring shall be in conduit.

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  • Fire and Casualty If the Premises are damaged by fire or other serious disaster or accident and the Premises becomes uninhabitable as a result, (a) Tenant may immediately vacate the Premises and terminate this Agreement upon notice to Landlord or (b) Landlord may terminate this Agreement upon notice to Tenant. Tenant will be responsible for any unpaid rent or will receive any prepaid rent up to the day of such fire, disaster or accident. If the Premises are only partially damaged and inhabitable, Landlord may make full repairs and will do so within a prompt and reasonable amount of time. At the discretion of Landlord, the rent may be reduced while the repairs are being made.

  • Trunk Group Architecture and Traffic Routing 5.2.1 The Parties shall jointly establish Access Toll Connecting Trunks between CLEC and CBT by which they will jointly provide Tandem-transported Switched Exchange Access Services to Interexchange Carriers to enable such Interexchange Carriers to originate and terminate traffic from and to CLEC's Customers.

  • LICENSURE AND CERTIFICATION 25.1 The Employer will continue its current practices related to licensure and certification.

  • Fire and Casualty Damage A. If the Premises or the Building of which the Premises are a part should be damaged or destroyed by fire or other peril, Tenant shall promptly give written notice to Landlord. If the Building of which the Premises are a part should be totally destroyed by any peril, or if they should be so damaged thereby that, in Landlord's reasonable estimation, rebuilding or repairs cannot be completed within 180 days after the date of such damage, this Lease shall terminate and the rent shall be abated during the unexpired portion of this Lease, effective upon the date of the occurrence of such damage.

  • Manufacture and Supply Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Collaboration Products shall be manufactured and supplied for preclinical and clinical testing and for commercial sale upon the following terms and conditions:

  • Fire and Casualty Insurance Developer shall obtain and keep in full force adequate fire and casualty insurance with coverage in an amount equal to the assessed value of such improvements. In the event of loss the Developer shall use the proceeds of such insurance to promptly reconstruct the damaged or lost improvements.

  • Entire and Sole Agreement This Agreement and the other ------------------------- schedules and agreements referred to herein, constitute the entire agreement between the parties hereto and supersede all prior agreements, representations, warranties, statements, promises, information, arrangements and understandings, whether oral or written, express or implied, with respect to the subject matter hereof.

  • Furniture and Equipment The Tenant shall ensure that furniture, equipment and fixtures being moved into or out of the Leased Premises are moved through such entrances, elevators and corridors and at such times as may from time to time be designated by the Landlord and shall promptly pay or cause to be paid to the Landlord the cost of repairing any damage in the Building caused thereby.

  • NATURE AND SCOPE 4.1 This Agreement is an agreement under the terms and conditions of which the Supplier/Service Provider will arrange for the supply/provision to Transnet of the Goods/Services which meet the requirements and specifications of Transnet, the delivery of which is controlled by means of Purchase Orders to be issued by Transnet and executed by the Supplier/Service Provider in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Disclosure and Use 20.2.1 Each Receiving Party agrees that, from and after the Effective Date: