Definition of CRR Charge

CRR Charge means any CRR charge as defined in Section 24-2-4f(b)(7) of the Securitization Law that is authorized by the Financing Order.
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Examples of CRR Charge in a sentence

The costs of any action described in this Section 5.02(d) shall be payable from CRR Charge Collections as an Operating Expense (and shall not be deemed to constitute a portion of the Servicing Fee) in accordance with the priorities set forth in Section 8.02(e) of the Indenture.
In the event that the Seller receives any CRR Charge Collections or other payments in respect of the CRR Charges or the proceeds thereof other than in its capacity as the Servicer, the Seller agrees to pay to the Servicer, on behalf of the Issuer, all payments received by it in respect thereof as soon as practicable after receipt thereof.