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Council means the Council of the Municipality;
Council means the Council of Europe;
Council means the Council of the City;

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Finally, future research must use scientific standards recommended for testing set forth by the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association and the National Council on Measurement in Education (AERA‐APA‐NCME, 1999).

Council Regulation (EC) 246/2009, OJ L79/1 of 26 March 2009 and Commission Regulation (EC) 906/2009, OJ L256/31 of 29 September 2009; see also Commission Services Document, Technical Paper on the Revision of Commission Regulation (EC) No 823/2000, October 2008.

Against that background, the Commission con- cluded that the conference system as embodied in the block exemption no longer served a useful purpose and proposed its abolition from 2008 which the Council rapidly and unanimously accepted.27As to the future, whether some shipping undertakings trading to Europe will 26 again operate as conferences with set tariffs as in the past or under more limited forms of co-operation remains to be seen.

Finally, in 1989, a Council Regulation was adopted to set up a broadly based regime to control mergers and other concentrations which might have a negative effect on the functioning of the common market through a reduction in the number of com- petitors.14 This regime, modernised in 2004,15 applies to the economy in general, including maritime transport to which it has been regularly applied.164.

The Council adopted the terms of reference under which the Committee on Regional Trade Agreements should examine this Agreement.

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Council means the Council of The City of Winnipeg;
Council means the Council of the City.
Council means the municipal council of the Municipality;
Council means the Goods and Services Tax Council established under article 279A of the Constitution;
Council means the Council of The Corporation of the City of Mississauga;
Council means the Business Enterprise Council for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities created under Section 5 of this Act.
Council means the City Council of the City.