the Council definition

the Council means Swellendam Municipal Council, and "municipal council" shall have a corresponding meaning;
the Council means Winchester City Council.

Examples of the Council in a sentence

  • The Council should review the agricultural and land management practices within the District and encourage farmers to not leave land bare.

  • The Council has given committees a wide range of powers to make decisions but sometimes a committee does not have the authority to decide on a matter and must pass it to the Council to decide.

  • The Council referred the petition to Councillor Leigh Bramall, Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development.

  • The Council sets aside specific amounts as reserves for future policy purposes or to cover contingencies.

  • The Council should make it a high priority to work with NGBs and other partners to comprise a priority list of actions based on local priorities, NGB priorities and available funding.

More Definitions of the Council

the Council means the London Borough of Merton.
the Council means Brighton & Hove City Council;
the Council means the Council of Lloyd's and (except in clause 3) references to the Council shall include its delegates and persons by whom it acts
the Council means the Members of the Council meeting as a body
the Council means the Council of the Society;