Medical Council of India definition

Medical Council of India means the Council constituted under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (Central Act 102 of 1956);
Medical Council of India means Medical Council of India, Delhi;
Medical Council of India means the Medical Council of India constituted under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (102 of 1956).

Examples of Medical Council of India in a sentence

  • In compliance with judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India dated 08 May 2009 in Civil Appeal No.887/2009, Medical Council of India (Prevention and Prohibition of Ragging in Medical Colleges/Institutions) Regulations, 2009 and as per the policy of MUHS, Nasik ragging in AFMC in any form is strictly prohibited and is a criminal offence.

  • Medical Practitioner means a person who holds a valid registration from the Medical Council of any State or Medical Council of India or Council for Indian Medicine or for Homeopathy set up by the Government of India or a State Government and is thereby entitled to practice medicine within its jurisdiction, and is acting within the scope and jurisdiction of his license.

  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) and Medical Council of India (MCI) have made it mandatory for all admitted students (i.e. Medical cadets) and their parents to submit Anti-Ragging undertaking to the institution at the time of admission.

  • Applicant should possess MBBS degree of any recognized university in the Allopathic system of medicine recognized by the Medical Council of India.

  • Candidates should satisfy the eligibility requirement as per the NEET UG Information Brochure – 2020 and MCC of DGHS and the minimum eligibility requirements as prescribed by the Medical Council of India.

More Definitions of Medical Council of India

Medical Council of India means Medical Council of India constituted by Indian Medical council Act-1956 (Act 102 of 1956) and its amendment Act 1993;

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