Councils definition

Councils means the Council of all partner Ste. Anne Summer Villages.
Councils means both Breckland District Council and South Holland District Council
Councils means East Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council or (as the context may require) any one or more of them;

Examples of Councils in a sentence

  • Pursuant to these legal duties Councils must in making decisions have due regard to the need to (1) eliminate unlawful discrimination, (2) advance equality of opportunity and (3) foster good relations on the basis of protected characteristics.

  • Regional Cabinet are invited to consider and recommend to the Councils for approval which authority should act as the host for the CCRCD Joint Scrutiny Committee.

  • Covering all academic disciplines funded by the Research Councils, including social sciences and humanities, the Roadmap provides a comprehensive picture of the new facilities which are already under construction in the UK, and provides details of potential large facility and infrastructure projects that the Government and the UK's Research Councils would like to see available to researchers over the next 10-15 years.

  • At the next review of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), consider the funding of agreed cycle infrastructure as eligible projects under the CIL Position Statement for both Councils alongside a comprehensive assessment and production of a funding and delivery strategy which considers all other funding opportunities that exist.

  • Strategy elements highlighted with a rose colouring are existing policies or initiatives which the Councils should continue to pursue.

More Definitions of Councils

Councils means Elmbridge Borough Council, Mole Valley District Council, Rushmoor Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Surrey Heath Borough Council and Woking Borough Council.
Councils means CCBC, DCC, FCC, GC, IOAC and WCBC and their statutory successors
Councils means school community councils and charter trust lands councils.
Councils means the District Council and the County Council
Councils means the Councils of the Municipality of the County of Pictou, the Town of New Glasgow, the Town of Pictou, the Town of Trenton, the Town of Stellarton and the Town of Westville;
Councils means the councils of the Municipality of the County of Colchester, The Town of Stewiacke and the Town of Truro;