Convey definition

Convey means to sell, transfer, assign, contribute or otherwise convey assets hereunder.
Convey has the meaning set forth in Section 1.1. Variants of this term such as “Conveyance” will have correlative meanings.
Convey bargain," "sell," "assign," "transfer," "deliver," or "set over" or any of them or any other words used in this Agreement or any exhibits hereto are hereby expressly disclaimed, waived or negated.

Examples of Convey in a sentence

  • Convey to the committee members the level of expectation of the product and exam (ie.

  • Complaint for Specific Performance of a Contract to Convey Land 114 Form 18.

  • In accordance with Section 2.1(b) of the Sale Agreement, the Seller hereby offers to Convey to the Purchaser on the above-referenced Purchase Date pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Sale Agreement the Collateral Obligations listed on Schedule I hereto, together with the Related Security and all proceeds of the foregoing.

  • Convey my regards to him", he said, "and tell him that it will not be long before he and I see each other in the presence of our Lord" Umme Salama ordered perfume to be brought.

  • Convey attributes: • Convey the energy type mix associated with the unit of electricity produced • The energy type mix shall be calculated based on delivered electricity, incorporating certificates sourced and retired on behalf of its customers.

More Definitions of Convey

Convey means to sell, transfer, assign, or otherwise convey assets hereunder (each such conveyance being herein called a “Conveyance”).
Convey means to Sell and/or conduct a Sale/Contribution of Railcars, related Leases and Related Assets hereunder.
Convey or "conveyance" means, with respect to a unit, any
Convey or “Conveyance” has the meaning given to such term, if applicable, in an Asset Transfer Agreement.
Convey or “Conveyed” means to convey, sell, assign, alienate, or otherwise transfer.
Convey or "conveyance" means, with respect to a unit, any transfer of ownership of the unit, including a transfer by deed or by real estate contract and, with respect to a unit in a leasehold common interest community or a proprietary lease in a cooperative, a transfer by lease or assignment of the unit, but does not include the creation, transfer, or release of a security interest.
Convey or "conveyance" means to sell, donate, exchange,