Convey definition

Convey means to sell, transfer, assign, contribute, substitute or otherwise convey assets hereunder (each such Conveyance being herein called a “Conveyance”).
Convey has the meaning set forth in Section 1.1. Variants of this term such as “Conveyance” will have correlative meanings.
Convey means to sell, transfer, assign, contribute or otherwise convey assets hereunder.

Examples of Convey in a sentence

  • Without the need for a Purchase Notice, on the date hereof, the Purchaser agrees to acquire the Loan Assets set forth on Schedule A as of the date hereof and the Related Property from the Seller and the Seller agrees to Convey such Loan Assets and Related Property to the Purchaser for the applicable Purchase Prices set forth on Schedule A as of the date hereof.

More Definitions of Convey

Convey bargain," "sell," "assign," "transfer," "deliver," or "set over" or any of them or any other words used in this Agreement or any exhibits hereto are hereby expressly disclaimed, waived or negated.
Convey. As a verb, means Using the Database, a Derivative Database, or the Database as part of a Collective Database in any way that enables a Person to make or receive copies of the Database or a Derivative Database. Conveying does not include interaction with a user through a computer network, or creating and Using a Produced Work, where no transfer of a copy of the Database or a Derivative Database occurs.
Convey applied to a person means the execution and delivery by such person of every necessary or suitable assurance for conveying or disposing to another land whereof such person is seized, or wherein the person is entitled to a contingent right, either for the whole estate or for any less estate, together with the performance of all formalities required by law to the validity of such conveyance, and “conveyance” has a corresponding meaning; (“transporter”, “transport
Convey or "conveyance" means, with respect to a unit, any
Convey or “Conveyance” has the meaning given to such term, if applicable, in an Asset Transfer Agreement.
Convey means the transmission or distribution of gas by means of gas pipes, and “conveying”, “conveyed”, and “conveyance” shall be construed accordingly;