Conveyance definition

Conveyance shall have the meaning specified in Subsection 2.01(a).
Conveyance means the transfer or transfers of any interest in
Conveyance means the transfer or transfers of any interest in real property by any method, including but not limited to sale, exchange, assignment, surrender, mortgage foreclosure, transfer in lieu of foreclosure, option, trust indenture, taking by eminent domain, conveyance upon liquidation or by a receiver, or transfer or acquisition of a controlling interestin any entity with an interest in real property. Transfer of an interest in real property includes the creation of a leasehold or sublease only where (a) the sum of the term of the lease or sublease and any options for renewal exceeds 49 years,(b) substantial capital improvements are or may be made by or for the benefit of the lessee or sublessee, and (c) the lease or sublease is for substantially all of the premises constituting the real property. The conveyance of real property shallnot include a conveyance pursuant to devise, bequest, or inheritance; the creation, modification, extension, spreading, severance, consolidation, assignment, transfer, releaseor satisfaction of a mortgage; a mortgage subordination agreement, a mortgage severance agreement, an instrument given to perfect or correct a recorded mortgage; or a release of lien of tax pursuant to the Tax Law or the IRC.

Examples of Conveyance in a sentence

  • The Conveyance Owner is responsible for scheduling the Annual Safety Test with their Conveyance Mechanic.

  • Acceptance by the Conveyance Owner, the Conveyance Contractor, or Conveyance Mechanic of an Outlook Calendar invite automatically provides permission to the AHJ inspector to perform the inspection.

  • Performed by the Conveyance Mechanic and witnessed by the AHJ Inspector; required yearly.

  • Category 5 Witness Test is a complete safety test performed by the Conveyance Mechanic, and witnessed by the AHJ Inspector, required every five years.

  • Meeting to revise and update Conveyance was discussed, will be tabled until early fall will, require an all-day meeting.

More Definitions of Conveyance

Conveyance shall have the meaning specified in Section 2.1.
Conveyance. ’ means an instrument, in- cluding a conditional sales contract, affect- ing title to, or an interest in, property.
Conveyance is defined in the introductory paragraph to this Conveyance.
Conveyance means sale, transfer, assignment, or other disposition.
Conveyance means an instrument filed with a recorder as evidence of the transfer of title to land, including any form of deed or contract.