Pledge definition

Pledge shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 14(c).
Pledge shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11.3.A.
Pledge means the lien and security interest created by this Agreement.

Examples of Pledge in a sentence

  • Pledge of 200,703,600 equity shares (33.09%) of HCC Limited held by Hincon Holdings Ltd.

  • On this record, there is ample evidence to overcome the general presumption against statutory contracts and to conclude that the State Pledge creates a contractual relationship between the State and the Bondholders under the Federal Contract Clause.

  • Finally, it bears mention that the State authorized an issuer of recovery bonds to include the State Pledge in contracts with the holders of recovery bonds (such as the Bondholders).

  • Perhaps equally important, we are unaware of any circumstances surrounding the enactment of the Wildfire Financing Law suggesting that the California legislature did not intend to bind contractually the State through the State Pledge.

  • Moreover, through the State Pledge, the State has “pledge[d] and agree[d] with the .

More Definitions of Pledge

Pledge has the meaning specified in Section 2.1 hereof.
Pledge and “Pledges” have the meanings given to such terms in Clause 2.1.
Pledge has the meaning set forth in Section 11.3.A hereof.
Pledge shall refer to the security interest granted by Pledgor to Pledgee pursuant to Article 2 of this Agreement, i.e., the right of Pledgee to be compensated on a preferential basis with the conversion, auction or sales price of the Equity Interest.
Pledge means the full content of Section 2 hereunder.
Pledge means the full content of Article 2 hereunder