Convener definition

Convener. ’ means a person who impar- tially assists an agency in determining wheth- er establishment of a negotiated rulemaking committee is feasible and appropriate in a par- ticular rulemaking;
Convener means the Convener appointed in terms of Schedule 1 Paragraph 6 of the Act.

Examples of Convener in a sentence

  • Bid / Tender Evaluation Committee’(TEC) for the bids upto tender value of Rs. 45.00 lakh (TEC) invited by the Executive Engineer will be comprising of i) Concerned Executive Engineer as Chairperson and Convener, ii) Assistant Engineer concerned to the work as Member, iii) Another Assistant Engineer from Division as Member or the Junior Engineer posted as the Divisional Estimator.

  • The bids receiving person shall also hand over all the bids received by him up to the time and date for submission of bids to the Convener of bids opening committee and obtain its signature in the bids receipt register.

  • Two nominees of the Board of Governors, one of whom shall be nominated as the Convener of the Committee by the Board of Governors.

  • Consultations on the draft Final Report will be based on a similar approach, i.e. a combination of written comments and a stakeholder workshop, but the objectives, questions for comments, and workshop format will be adjusted.

  • DECISIONAGREED that the Minute be approved and signed by the Convener.

More Definitions of Convener

Convener means an office-holder or other person who seeks a decision in accordance with Part 15 of these Rules;
Convener means the convener of the Technical Advisory Committee;
Convener means the Civic Head of the Council appointed by the Council. “Vice-Convener” means the Depute Civic Head of the Council appointed by the
Convener means the Convener of the Board appointed under Paragraph 3 of Schedule 2 of the Order;
Convener means the convener of the National Committee appointed in accordance with Rule 8;
Convener means the Convener of the Joint Committee appointed under Paragraph 12 of the Agreement;