Contribution Value definition

Contribution Value means the fair market value as reasonably determined by the General Partner of property (other than cash) contributed by a Partner to the Partnership (net of liabilities secured by such contributed property that the Partnership is treated as assuming or taking subject to pursuant to the provisions of Section 752 of the Code).
Contribution Value shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.02 of the Contribution Agreement.
Contribution Value means the Value of a Company asset contributed by a Member to the Company (net of liabilities secured by such contributed asset that the Company is treated as assuming or taking subject to).

Examples of Contribution Value in a sentence

The Transmission Assets shall be valued at their Contribution Value, and Member Units issued in exchange therefor at a price of $10 per Member Unit.

Any dispute regarding Contribution Value shall be resolved pursuant to the Dispute Resolution Provisions.

Value to be agreed with Council (acting reasonably) Schedule 5: © Marsdens Law Group Monetary Contributions Item Time for Completion Contribution Value Purpose Detention Basin maintenance payment On or before the dedication of the relevant Detention Basin to Council.

On or before the Completion of an item of Work, the Developer must deliver to Council an irrevocable and unconditional bank guarantee for the amount equivalent to five per cent (5%) of the Contribution Value of that item of Work (Defects Liability Security).

At ATCLLC's request, items used and useful in the operation of the Transmission Line Facilities or Transmission Substation Facilities, or in managing Transmission Line Land Rights or Transmission Substation Land Rights, and not otherwise used or useful in the Contributor's business shall be transferred to ATCLLC at their Contribution Value for cash.

More Definitions of Contribution Value

Contribution Value means the fair value of any property (as determined by the Board) (net of liabilities secured by such property that the Company is treated as assuming or taking subject to pursuant to the provisions of section 752 of the Code) contributed or deemed contributed by a Member to the Company.
Contribution Value means, with respect to any Contribution as of a Settlement Date, the Contribution Percentage of the Aggregate Transfer Value with respect to the related Collection Period.
Contribution Value means the $ amount agreed between the Parties as the value of a Development Contribution made under this Deed. Cost means a cost, charge, expense, outgoing, payment, fee and other expenditure of any nature. Deed means this Deed and includes any schedules, annexures and appendices to this Deed. Defect means anything that adversely affects, or is likely to adversely affect, the appearance, structural integrity, functionality or use or enjoyment of a Work or any part of a Work.
Contribution Value has the meaning as set forth in Section 1.4(a).
Contribution Value has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.
Contribution Value means with respect to the Common Stock ------------------ contributed by the Class B Members as a group, $.001 per contributed share of Common Stock.
Contribution Value means the value, as of the date of contribution, of the Transmission Assets contributed by a Member pursuant to its Asset Contribution Agreement, as reflected on the FERC Books of Account of the Member (or with respect to a Member without an OATT, its regulatory books of account relating to the Transmission Assets being contributed), as adjusted on a dollar-for-dollar basis for (i) Deferred Taxes, and (ii) Deferred Investment Tax Credits associated with those Transmission Assets. The Members agree that the Contribution Values of the Transmission Assets contributed by MG&E, WEPCO, WPL and WPS as of the Operations Date shall be further adjusted by increasing the number of Member Units to be received by MG&E by 2/3 of the difference between (A) the Contribution Value that MG&E would have had if Deferred Investment Tax Credits had not been taken into account and (B) such Contribution Value taking Deferred Investment Tax Credits into account, subject to a maximum aggregate reallocation of $708,727 of Contribution Value (prior to the Initial Financing). The Member Units to be received by WEPCO and WPL shall each be reduced by 45% of the amount reallocated, and the number of Member Units to be received by WPS shall be reduced by 10% of the amount reallocated. Contribution Value shall not otherwise be adjusted for the effect of any Code Section 704(c) allocations, unless such amount would cause a reallocation of annual income of more than $250,000 for any Member, in which case the Members shall endeavor to agree on alternative arrangements.