Contribution Rate definition

Contribution Rate means, in a reserve study as described in RCW 64.34.380, the amount contributed to the reserve account so that the association will have cash reserves to pay major maintenance, repair, or replacement costs without the need of a special assessment.
Contribution Rate means, in a reserve study as described in
Contribution Rate means the percentage of a Participating Employee’s Compensation to be withheld and contributed to their Account via payroll deduction under the Program.

Examples of Contribution Rate in a sentence

  • The Employer further agrees to contribute to the SEIU National Industry Plan in accordance with any updated Default Schedule of Supplemental Contribution rate table that may be adopted by the Board of Trustees of the SEIU National Industry Pension Fund in the future.

More Definitions of Contribution Rate

Contribution Rate means the rate determined under Section 5.5.
Contribution Rate means the percentage rate of Eligible Expenditure at which Xxxxx is paid as contained in the Project Specific Conditions and may be the Capital Contribution Rate and/or the Revenue Contribution Rate.
Contribution Rate means a set rate equal to one-sixtieth of $720.00 per week or as determined from time to time by Special Resolution of the Board;
Contribution Rate means the required contribution per additional square meter of gross floor area permitted through rezoning.
Contribution Rate means the sum of contributions made by the Employer under this Plan, excluding salary deferral contributions made under this or any other plan maintained by the Employer, plus forfeitures allocated to the Member's accounts for the Plan Year, divided by his Compensation for the Plan Year. To determine the Contribution Rate, the Plan Administrator shall consider all qualified defined contribution plans (within the meaning of the Code) maintained by the Employer as a single plan.
Contribution Rate means the hourly rate of contributions required to be paid to the Pension Fund as agreed to in a Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Trustees shall have the right to determine approved Contribution Rates and define and classify such Contribution Rates, and the benefits payable as a result of such Contribution Rates in order to assure the sound actuarial and administrative operation of the Pension Fund.