Contractor Party definition

Contractor Party means the Contractor and any Sub-Contractor;

Examples of Contractor Party in a sentence

  • The Contractor shall incorporate the requirements of this Section in all subcontracts requiring each Contractor Party to safeguard Confidential Information in the same manner as provided for in this Section.

  • Each Contractor or Contractor Party shall develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive data - security program for the protection of Confidential Information.

  • The Contractor shall secure from each Contractor Party, such document or instrument as necessary or appropriate as will vest in the Contractor plenary authority to bind the Contractor Parties to the full extent necessary or appropriate to give full effect to all of the terms and conditions of this section.

  • The death of any Contractor Party, as applicable, shall not release the Contractor from the obligation to perform under the Contract; the surviving Contractor Parties, as appropriate, must continue to perform under the Contract until performance is fully completed.

  • Contracts for management, consultant and professional services as well as for materials, supplies and other services purchased by the Contractor or Contractor Party.

More Definitions of Contractor Party

Contractor Party means the Contractor's agents and contractors, including each Sub-Contractor.
Contractor Party means Contractor or an entity to which the rights and obligations of this Contract has been assigned or transferred pursuant to Article 31.
Contractor Party means Contractor, its Subcontractors and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents.
Contractor Party means Contractor or any Subcontractor of Contractor (except as modified by Section 11.7.4) or anyone directly or indirectly employed or engaged by any of them, or anyone for whose acts any of them may be liable.
Contractor Party the Contractor’s agents and contractors, including each Sub-Contractor. Contractor/’s Personnel: all employees, staff, other workers, servants, agents, suppliers and consultants of the Contractor and of any Sub-Contractors who are engaged in the performance of its obligations under this Contract from time to time.
Contractor Party means any one of Amoco, BP, Delta, Statoil, Lukoil, McDermott, Pennzoil, Ramco, TPAO and Unocal or any of their successors or permitted assignees excluding (i) any Party that has disposed of all of its interest in this Contract in accordance with the provisions hereof, and (ii) in the event of SOCAR retaining an interest pursuant to Article 28.1, SOCAR, but including any Third Party (other than an Affiliate of SOCAR) to whom SOCAR may assign its percentage participating interest pursuant to Article 22.2(c).