Consulted definition

Consulted as used in this section means to confer and, upon request of either party, meet in person (provided the UFF- Brevard President or designee is available to meet on an expedited basis if necessary), but does not require agreement. However, the College President may not exceed the stated minimum salary by more than ten (10) percent.
Consulted. (C) means being sought for advice or opinion;
Consulted as used in this section means to confer and, upon request of either party, meet in person (provided the UFF-BCC President or designee is available to meet on an expedited basis if necessary), but does not require agreement.

Examples of Consulted in a sentence

  • Consulted People who are not directly involved with carrying out the task, but who are consulted; may be a stakeholder or subject matter expert.

  • Consulted Those whose opinions are sought, typically subject matter experts, and with whom there is two-way communication.

  • Individuals or groups are assigned one and only one of the following roles for a given task: Responsible (R), Accountable (A), Consulted (C), or Informed (I).

  • If medical attention was required, complete the following: Attending physician(s) (names) Address Street City Zip Date(s) Consulted Total days of sick leave used I UNDERSTAND THAT FALSIFICATION OF THIS APPLICATION IS GROUNDS FOR SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT UNDER SECTION 3319.081 AND 3319.16 OF THE OHIO REVISED CODE Employee Signature THIS APPLICATION MUST BE FILED WITH THE TREASURER’S OFFICE WITHIN TEN DAYS AFTER THE EMPLOYEE RETURNS TO DUTY.

  • Consulted their counsel about the legal implications and that the Buyer has no reservation about the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and accordingly the Buyer has now expressed his desire to enter into this Agreement.

  • Consulted parties were provided a minimum of 60 days to comment and to make recommendations on the draft plan.

  • Once the County identifies the specific names and Vendor has the refined work plan, the next step is to document whether each County or Vendor team member is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, or Informed regarding a specific task.

  • Materials to be Consulted in their Entirety All materials at the Site are meant to be reviewed in their entirety, including any footnotes, legal disclaimers, restrictions, disclosures, hedge clauses, and any copyright or proprietary notices, including those contained in this Terms of Use.

  • If medical attention was required, the name and address of the attending physician, and the dates consulted, are as follows: Name of attending physician: Address: Date(s) Consulted: Signature of Employee: CLEVELAND HEIGHTS-UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT GRIEVANCE - MONITORS No. Date: 1.

  • Consulted municipalities suggest that the IDP representative forum is the most appropriate coordinating structure but it has not been successful in ensuring integrated service delivery and integrating community needs.

More Definitions of Consulted

Consulted means stakeholders are asked about their opinions on an activity

Related to Consulted

  • Consult or "Consultation" means to provide:

  • Independent professional advice means advice of an attorney, certified public accountant, actuary, or other licensed professional adviser.

  • Advice shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6(d).

  • Advisors has the meaning set forth in Section 14.06(c).

  • Independent Legal Counsel means an attorney or firm of attorneys, selected in accordance with the provisions of Section 1(c) hereof, who shall not have otherwise performed services for the Company or Indemnitee within the last three years (other than with respect to matters concerning the rights of Indemnitee under this Agreement, or of other indemnitees under similar indemnity agreements).

  • Advisers means a party or parties furnishing services to the Trust pursuant to any investment advisory or investment management contract described in Article IV, Section 6(a) hereof;

  • Counsel means a barrister and/or solicitor or a firm of barristers and/or solicitors retained by the Warrant Agent or retained by the Corporation, which may or may not be counsel for the Corporation;

  • Expert witness or “expert” means a person who is retained to render an opinion regarding an issue relevant to a case, whether or not the person actually testifies in court.

  • Legal Advice as used herein shall be solely and exclusively limited to the advice provided by legal counsel stating legal rights, duties, liabilities and defenses and shall not include factual information or the formulation or analysis of business strategy.

  • Legal Counsel shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2(b).

  • Certified counselor means an individual who is certified by a training program or certifying organization, approved by the director, that authenticates the competence of individuals who provide education and assistance to other individuals in connection with debt counseling and financial counseling functions.

  • Negotiation means a transfer of possession, whether voluntary or involuntary, of an instrument by a person other than the issuer to a person who thereby becomes its holder.

  • lawyer means, in the Province of Quebec, an advocate or a notary and, in any other province, a barrister or solicitor;

  • Special Legal Counsel means a law firm, or a member of a law firm, that is experienced in matters of corporate law and neither presently is, or in the past two years has been, retained to represent (i) the Indemnitor or the Indemnitee in any matter material to either such party, or (ii) any other party to the Proceeding giving rise to a claim for indemnification hereunder.

  • Counselor means an educator who provides full-time counseling and guidance services and holds the relevant certificate from SBEC.

  • Review means a financial or operational audit, investigation, inspection or other form of review requested or required by the LHIN under the terms of LHSIA or this Agreement, but does not include the annual audit of the HSP’s financial statements;

  • Consultation means the good faith attempt by the Depositary to discuss, if practicable, the relevant issue in a timely manner with a person employed by the Company reasonably believed by the Depositary to be empowered by the Company to engage in such discussion on behalf of the Company.

  • Other Parties shall have the meaning set forth in Section 10.7(c).

  • Professional counselor means a person who practices counseling as defined in § 54.1-3500.

  • Expert advice or assistance means advice or assistance derived from scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge.

  • Independent provider means a self-employed person who provides services for which he or she must be certified in accordance with rule 5123:2-2-01 of the Administrative Code and does not employ, either directly or through contract, anyone else to provide the services.

  • Independent Adviser means an independent financial institution of international repute or an independent financial adviser with appropriate expertise appointed by the Issuer under Condition 5(j)(i).

  • professional diligence means the standard of skill and care that a Member would be reasonably expected to exercise towards a Client, commensurate with-

  • Personal conflict of interest means a situation in which a covered employee has a financial interest, personal activity, or relationship that could impair the employee’s ability to act impartially and in the best interest of the Government when performing under the contract. (A de minimis interest that would not “impair the employee’s ability to act impartially and in the best interest of the Government” is not covered under this definition.)

  • Independent foster home means a private family home in which any child, other than a child by

  • Licensed professional counselor means a counselor licensed by a Member State, regardless of the title used by that State, to independently assess, diagnose, and treat behavioral health conditions.