Definition of Comparison Year

Comparison Year shall mean each calendar year commencing subsequent to the Base Year.
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Examples of Comparison Year in a sentence

Lessor and Lessee shall forthwith adjust between them by cash payment any balance determined to exist with respect to that portion of the last Comparison Year for which Lessee is responsible as to Operating Expense Increases, notwithstanding that the Lease term may have terminated before the end of such Comparison Year.
If Lessee's payments under this paragraph 4.2(g) during said Comparison Year exceed Lessee's Share as indicated on said statement, Lessee shall be entitled to credit the amount of such overpayment against Lessee's Share of Operating Expense Increase next falling due.
In the event that Lessee pays Lessor's estimate of Lessee's Share of Operating Expense Increase as aforesaid, Lessor shall deliver to Lessee within sixty (60) days after the expiration of each Comparison Year a reasonably detailed statement showing Lessee's Share of the actual Operating Expense Increase incurred during such year.
At Lessor's option, however, an amount may be estimated by Lessor from time to time in advance of Lessee's Share of the Operating Expense Increase for any Comparison Year, and the same shall be payable monthly or quarterly, as Lessor shall designate, during each Comparison Year of the Lease term, on the same day as the Base Rent is due hereunder.
Lessee's Share of the Operating Expense Increase for the first and last Comparison Years of the Lease Term shall be prorated according to that portion of such Comparison Year as to which Lessee is responsible for a share of such increase.