Committed Lender definition

Committed Lender means, as to any Lender Group, each of the financial institutions listed on Schedule I as a “Committed Lender” for such Lender Group, together with its respective successors and permitted assigns.
Committed Lender means, as to any Lender Group, each of the financial institutions identified on Schedule I (or in any applicable Assignment and Acceptance or Joinder Agreement) as a “Committed Lender” for such Lender Group, together with its successors and permitted assigns.
Committed Lender means any financial institution identified as such on Schedule I with a Commitment hereunder, and any other financial institution that becomes a Committed Lender in accordance with the terms hereof pursuant to an Assignment and Assumption Agreement, but excluding any such Person that ceases to be a Committed Lender hereunder pursuant to the sale of all of its Loan Amount and Commitment pursuant to one or more Assignment and Assumption Agreements.

Examples of Committed Lender in a sentence

  • The obligation of the Committed Lender in each Lender Group to remit any Advance shall be several from that of the other Lenders, and the failure of any Committed Lender to so make such amount available to its Agent shall not relieve any other Committed Lender of its obligation hereunder.

  • The entries in the Participant Register shall be conclusive absent manifest error, and such Committed Lender shall treat each Person whose name is recorded in the Participant Register as the owner of such participation for all purposes of this Agreement notwithstanding any notice to the contrary.

  • Upon its receipt of an Assignment and Acceptance Agreement executed and delivered by an assigning Committed Lender and an Eligible Assignee or assignee Committed Lender, the Administrative Agent shall, if such Assignment and Acceptance Agreement has been duly completed, (i) accept such Assignment and Acceptance Agreement, (ii) record the information contained therein in the Register and (iii) give prompt notice thereof to the Borrower and the Servicer.

  • The Register shall be available for inspection by the Borrower, the Servicer, any Group Agent, any Conduit Lender or any Committed Lender at any reasonable time and from time to time upon reasonable prior notice.

  • At any time when any Uncommitted Lender has failed to or has rejected a request to fund an Advance, its Agent shall so notify the Related Committed Lender and such Related Committed Lender shall fund such Advance.

More Definitions of Committed Lender

Committed Lender or “Committed Lenders” means (a) collectively, the Class A Committed Lenders and the Class B Committed Lenders, and (b) individually, a Class A Committed Lender or a Class B Committed Lender.
Committed Lender means (a) each of the Gotham Liquidity Banks, (b) each of the PARCO Liquidity Banks, (c) each of the Xxxxxxxx Liquidity Banks, (d) each of the CAFCO Liquidity Banks, and (e) each of the Atlantic Liquidity Banks.
Committed Lender means each entity designated as a “Committed Lender” on Schedule 1 to the U.S. Receivables Loan Agreement and any Acquiring Lender designated as a Committed Lender in the applicable Transfer Agreement.
Committed Lender means any Lender that is designated as a Committed Lender in a Lender Supplement or in the Assignment and Acceptance pursuant to which it became a party to this Agreement, and any assignee of such Lender to the extent of the portion of such Lender Group’s Commitment assumed by such assignee pursuant to its respective Assignment and Acceptance.
Committed Lender means a Lender listed on Schedule 1.01 and shown as having a Commitment hereunder as of the Amendment Closing Date or which thereafter acquires a Commitment hereunder in accordance with Section 11.06(b).
Committed Lender means, with respect to a Noncommitted Lender, each financial institution party to this Agreement designated as a “Committed Lender” with respect to such Noncommitted Lender, and any assignee of such Committed Lender pursuant to Article XVI to the extent such assignee has assumed a portion of the Commitment of such Committed Lender.
Committed Lender has the meaning set forth in the preamble.