Lender definition

Lender has the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph hereto and, as the context requires, includes the Swing Line Lender.
Lender has the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph hereto.
Lender means each financial institution listed on the signature pages hereto as a Lender, and any other Person that becomes a party hereto pursuant to an Assignment Agreement.

Examples of Lender in a sentence

  • Each Lender acknowledges that it has, independently and without reliance upon the Agents or any other Lender and based on such documents and information as it has deemed appropriate, made its own credit analysis and decision to enter into this Agreement.

  • In the case of each of the substitution of a Lender and of the prepayment of an affected Loan, the Borrower shall first pay the affected Lender any additional amounts owing under Sections 2.14 and 2.20 (as well as any commitment fees and other amounts then due and owing to such Lender, including any amounts under this Section 2.21) prior to such substitution or prepayment.

  • A reasonably detailed certificate of any Lender setting forth any amount or amounts which such Lender is entitled to receive pursuant to this Section 2.16 shall be delivered to the Borrower and shall be conclusive absent manifest error.

  • In addition, each Consenting Lender hereby authorizes the Loan Parties, the Predecessor Agent and the Successor Agent to enter into any documentation or amendments to the existing Loan Documents with respect to the Administrative Agent Replacement deemed reasonably necessary or desirable by the Successor Agent and/or the Predecessor Agent without the consent of any Lender.

  • The Borrower, the Issuing Banks and the Administrative Agent hereby consent, pursuant to Sections 2.24(b) and 10.04(b) of the Existing Credit Agreement, to the inclusion as an “Additional Lender” of each 2023 Revolving Lender that is party to this Fifth Amendment that is not an existing Lender, an Affiliate of an existing Lender or an Approved Fund.

More Definitions of Lender

Lender has the meaning specified in the introductory paragraph to this Agreement and, as the context requires, includes an L/C Issuer and the Swing Line Lender, and their respective successors and assigns as permitted hereunder, each of which is referred to herein as a “Lender.”
Lender and "Lenders" have the respective meanings set forth in the preamble to this Agreement, and shall include any other Person made a party to this Agreement in accordance with the provisions of Section 14.1.
Lender or "Lenders" shall, at any time when the Agent is a Lender, unless the context otherwise indicates, include the Agent in its individual capacity. The Agent and its Affiliates may accept deposits from, lend money to, and generally engage in any kind of trust, debt, equity or other transaction, in addition to those contemplated by this Agreement or any other Loan Document, with the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries in which the Borrower or such Subsidiary is not restricted hereby from engaging with any other Person.
Lender is any one of the Lenders.
Lender shall have the meaning provided in the preamble to this Agreement.
Lender has the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Lender means the entity identified as “Lender” in the first paragraph of this Instrument, or any subsequent holder of the Note.