Collection Day definition

Collection Day means any day which is scheduled by the Municipality for municipal collection of collectible waste.
Collection Day means the day of the week on which waste is collected and removed by the local government or its contractor;
Collection Day means the specific days of the week and/or dates for the collection of Waste, prescribed by notice given by the City to Owners and Occupants of Eligible Properties;

Examples of Collection Day in a sentence

  • In case of the resulting loss of a Collection Day during the Collection schedule or in the case of an Emergency, and then only with written permission from the Contract Administrator, Work may be carried out on Sundays.

  • D23.5 In the event that the Contractor encounters a Temporary Obstruction, the Contractor shall return at the end of the same Collection Day to the location where the Temporary Obstruction was encountered, and shall engage Collection until complete.

  • If the Temporary Obstruction remains, the Contractor shall notify the Contract Administrator, and the Contractor shall return and engage affected Collection at the beginning of the next Collection Day.

  • In any event, however, the Contractor may not start earlier than 7:00 a.m. or carry out Collections past 10:00.p.m. E3.4 Holidays: (a) The Contractor shall maintain the specified Collection schedule at all times, notwithstanding that periodically, a scheduled Collection Day will fall upon a statutory holiday, with the exception of Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

  • A normal Collection Day is defined as any day except New Year’s Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day, and Sundays or any other days deemed holidays under provincial or federal regulations.

More Definitions of Collection Day

Collection Day means the day or days designated by the Aquatera Manager for waste removal from a particular area of the City.
Collection Day means the day scheduled for collection of garbage, recyclables and organics from a property in accordance with the schedule created annually by the City or as directed by the General Manager, Engineering from time to time.
Collection Day means the day on which waste collection is scheduled to take place from a residential premises;
Collection Day means the days assigned by the Director for the collection and disposal of waste from Participants;
Collection Day means a day scheduled for the collection of Garbage, Recyclables and/or Compostable Waste in accordance with a schedule established, published and distributed by the City;
Collection Day means the Calendar Day on which a Collection is scheduled to occur.
Collection Day means the day of the week on which waste and refuse is collected;