City Solicitor definition

City Solicitor means the City employee holding that office or, if applicable, the successor to the authority or responsibility of such office;
City Solicitor means the City Solicitor for the City or his or her designate.
City Solicitor means the individual appointed by Council from time to time to be the City Solicitor of the Law Division of the City, or his or her designate;

Examples of City Solicitor in a sentence

  • If there are no objections to the designation, City Council authorize the City Solicitor to introduce the Bill in Council designating the property under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act.

  • Sanders, City Solicitor THE LORD’S PRAYER Alderman Terry Shackelton CLOSED SESSION The Closed Session was held in Committee Room #204 and the minutes are located at the end of Regular Open Council Business.

  • Deborah Gould Auditor Approved as to form: Peter Mello City Solicitor EXHIBIT “A” – FACILITIES SUMMARYEXHIBIT “B” – FACILITIES CONDITION ASSESSMENT AND DEFICIENCY DATA SHEET The following criteria will be used in completing the Building System Condition Assessment and Deficiency Data Sheets for the City of Attleboro.

  • City Council authorize the General Manager, Transportation Services to negotiate and execute a non-competitive agreement from the date of award to July 31, 2025, with Tacel Ltd in the amount of $4,172,841 net of Harmonized Sales Tax ($4,246,283 net of Harmonized Sales Tax recoveries), on terms and conditions satisfactory to the General Manager, Transportation Services, in a form satisfactory to the City Solicitor.

  • Police responded to the scene and took a police report, which noted that the stop sign that is normally at the intersection was on the ground instead of standing upright in its correct position.On December 11, 2009, Ms. Maynor’s insurance company, State Farm, sent a letter to the City Solicitor, informing the City of a potential claim Ms. Maynor had for property damages to her vehicle.

More Definitions of City Solicitor

City Solicitor means the individual appointed to the position and holding title of the City Solicitor of the City of Calgary from time to time or the individual designated to act in his place generally or for the purpose of administering this Agreement;
City Solicitor means the Officer position of the city solicitor;
City Solicitor means the City’s City Solicitor;
City Solicitor means the Executive Director of Legal Services and Corporation Counsel;
City Solicitor means the head of the City's Legal Services Division and shall include his or her designate;
City Solicitor means the Solicitor for the City.
City Solicitor means the City’s legal advisors.