CIR definition

CIR means the common identity repository established by Article 17(1) of Regulation (EU) 2019/818;

Examples of CIR in a sentence

Results of out of period tests cannot be used in CIR retention calculations.

Where the CIR or SIS are queried and where a green link exists between data in two or more of the EU information systems, the MID shall indicate that the identity data of the linked data do not correspond to the same person.

CIR retention will be analyzed based on only those summer verification tests performed within the summer test period.

Where data are added, amended or deleted in Eurodac or ECRIS-TCN, the data referred to in Article 18 stored in the individual file of the CIR shall be added, amended or deleted accordingly in an automated manner.

One advantage of this specification (using CIR of prices instead CIR of output) is that the predictions for prices are independent of the sectoral elasticity sj, which simplifies how the regression coefficient should be interpreted.

More Definitions of CIR

CIR means a Criminal Information Report containing the results of a search of the Canadian Police Information Centre that includes a list of all criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been received;
CIR means the Commissioner of Inland Revenue which has the same meaning as that term in section 3 of the Tax Administration Act 1994.
CIR means the transmission capacity of the inter-regional system
CIR means Consumptive Irrigation Requirement, defined as the quantity of irrigation water, exclusive of effective rainfall, that is consumptively used by plants or is evaporated from the soil surface in a specific period of time. It may be calculated numerically by subtracting effective rainfall from consumptive use.