Septage definition

Septage means the liquid and solid material pumped from a septic tank, cesspool, or similar domestic sewage treatment system, or from a holding tank, when the system is cleaned or maintained.
Septage means the sludge produced in individual on-site wastewater disposal systems such as septic tanks;
Septage means a liquid or semisolid that includes normal household wastes, human excreta, and animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution generated from a residential septic tank system. Septage may include such material issued from a commercial establishment if the commercial establishment can demonstrate to the Division that the material meets the definition for septage set forth in this subsection. Septage does not include chemical toilet residuals.

Examples of Septage in a sentence

  • The staff deployed by Delhi Jal Board at the notified locations will be trained for receiving and disposal of Septage.

  • DJB’s authorized SPS/STPThe above transporter delivered the described Septage to this disposal facility and it was accepted.

  • Designated officer(s) of Delhi Jal Board will issue License for Collection and Transportation of Septage to notified locations.License will be issued in the format, prescribed in Annexure –(1), of these Regulations and will be valid for a period of five years from the date of issue, unless revoked earlier.

  • Septic Tank Waste (Septage) shall be collected and transported only by vendor(s) having a valid License for this purpose issued by the Delhi Jal Board in the format prescribed at Annexure-(1) of these Regulations.

  • The Licensee shall dispose off Septage only at the locations notified by the Delhi Jal Board from time to time.

More Definitions of Septage

Septage means the mixture of solid wastes, scum, sludge, and liquids pumped from within septic tanks, pump chambers, holding tanks, and other OSS components.
Septage means the scum, liquid, sludge or other waste from a septic tank, soil absorption field, holding tank or privy. This term does not include the waste from a grease interceptor.
Septage means the wastewater or contents of septic or holding tanks, dosing chambers, grease interceptors, seepage beds, seepage pits, seepage trenches, privies or portable restrooms.
Septage means a semisolid consisting of settled sewage solids combined with varying amounts of water and dissolved materials generated from a septic tank system.
Septage means the domestic liquid and solid sewage pumped from septic tanks, cesspools, holding tanks, vault toilets, chemical toilets or other similar domestic sewage treatment components or systems and other sewage sludge not derived at sewage treatment plants.
Septage means any solid, liquid or semi-solid removed from septic tanks, cesspools, privies, wastewater holding tanks or other similar onsite wastewater treatment systems.
Septage means a waste that is a fluid mixture of partially treated or untreated sewage solids, liquids, and sludge of human or domestic waste, present in or pumped from septic tanks, malfunctioning on-site sewage management systems, grease traps, or privies.