CIMB Clicks definition

CIMB Clicks means the personal internet banking system provided by CIMB which enables Customer to obtain information from CIMB and give instructions to CIMB in respect of the Customer’s accounts with the Bank and for each of the products and services offered by CIMB, through any electronic or telecommunications equipment or medium (including the Internet, any computer or other electronic or telecommunications equipment, terminal or system or otherwise).
CIMB Clicks means the internet website or any other Electronic Channels.
CIMB Clicks means the DuitNow Transfer service which may be accessed by You at via the Internet.

Examples of CIMB Clicks in a sentence

  • For applications via CIMB Clicks Internet Banking, a CIMB Foreign Currency Savings Account of the same currency as the Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit placement will be opened to facilitate the Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit maturing proceeds if the applicant(s) do not have an existing CIMB Foreign Currency Current/Savings Account of the same currency (held singly or jointly, for single and joint applicants respectively).

  • The Fresh Funds criteria does not apply for placements made via CIMB Clicks Internet Banking.

  • Notwithstanding the aforementioned, where request had been made by the Eligible Participant(s) and noted and acknowledged by CIMB in its records that the Bahasa Malaysia version of the CIMB Clicks Internet Banking Agreement has been selected by the Eligible Participant(s) to govern the operation of the Eligible Participant(s)’ use of CIMB Clicks, then the Bahasa Malaysia version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

  • The Fresh Funds criteria does not apply for placements made via CIMB Clicks Internet Banking or via the online application form on CIMB’s website.

  • Statements Accessed Via CIMB Clicks Terms and Conditionsare intended to be read together and the applicability of the attachments to each Cardholder will depend on the type of card issued to the Cardholder, the type of services used by the Cardholder and whether the Cardholder’s own circumstances subjects the Cardholder to the terms and conditions of the respective attachments.

  • I have multiple CIMB Clicks User ID and multiple CIMB Savings Account/-i.

  • Can I operate on my newly opened account right after account opening?Yes, you may proceed to operate your newly opened CASA/-i via CIMB Clicks.

  • Both criteria will be shown to meet Williams’ modified set of theoretical and practical requirements.

  • These Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the prevailing terms and conditions of the CIMB Clicks Internet Banking Agreement and terms and conditions governing CIMB current or savings account which shall apply in addition to the Terms and Conditions herein.

  • Why am I not able to open a savings account via CIMB Clicks?Online application via CIMB Clicks for the opening of a new CIMB Savings Account/-i is only available for ETB Customer who maintains an existing CIMB CASA/-i and with an active CIMB Clicks User ID.

More Definitions of CIMB Clicks

CIMB Clicks means CIMB’s website accessible via the internet.

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