Chat Channel definition

Chat Channel means a talk group that appears only on the WAVE System and is exclusive to a USER. Chat Channels are not transmitted over the Radio System, but only to the USER’s smart devices on the WAVE System.
Chat Channel means a publicly available (mostly third party) channel where people can communicate with each other using the concept of Chat, or Messaging, like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

Examples of Chat Channel in a sentence

  • See, e.g., Chat Channel, SECOND LIFE WIKI, (last visited June 6, 2012) (describing the functions of various public and private chat channels in Second Life).

  • In addition to recommending positions regarding legislation and administrative rulemaking, committees might, for example, undertake legal or business research, prepare informational reports for distribution to the Board of Directors or the IPO membership, organize educational programs to be held during the IPO Annual Meeting or during committee-organized conferences, or propose topics for IPO’s IP Chat Channel.

  • The Standards Setting Committee is coordinating with the Antitrust & Competition Law Committee on this topic, including the organization of an IP Chat Channel webinar.

  • Please do join our new Telegram Chat Channel for news, information and bonuses relating to the system and ICO 1.2.Message from the CEO is a project born from not being able to use Cryptocurrencies in normal life.

  • Partner with Standards Committee in the next quarter to hold a joint roundtable on the IP Chat Channel covering related topic in item 4 above: “Extending Competition Law to Impose Compulsory IP Licensing Outside Scope of Standard-Setting Organizations”.

  • Any participant attending the Meeting via mobile phones or tablets can join the voting system via the link specified in the Chat Channel.

  • The Committee will also conduct ad hoc meetings among Committee or subcommittee members as necessary.2. Model Rules: The Committee will continue to study model patent rules from several prominent districts and develop a set of model rules that could be utilized by districts that lack local patent rules.3. Education Sessions: The Committee will develop presentations to be deliver at regular committee meetings, IPO Chat Channel webinars, or the IPO annual meeting.

  • The sub-committee is also organizing a second IP Chat Channel webinar on the topic of work-life balance.The Women Inventors sub-committee will gather data from corporations and organizations alpha- testing the Toolkit for Gender Diversity in Innovation, and roll out a revised toolkit for member beta- testing.

  • Continue to be a strong committee by developing design related content (e.g., IPO CLE session for the annual meeting and/or IPO Chat Channel).

  • The review focused on health inequalities and life expectancy across the county and in particular on concerns about health outcomes in Fenland in comparison to the rest of the county.

Related to Chat Channel

  • Channel means a natural or artificial watercourse with a definite bed and banks that conducts flowing water continuously or periodically.

  • bouquet of channels means an assortment of distinct channels offered together as a group or as a bundle and all its grammatical variations and cognate expressions shall be construed accordingly;

  • Television Channel means Zee Group Channel, which has been granted permission for downlinking by the Central Government under the policy guidelines issued or amended by it from time to time and reference to the term ‘channel’ shall be construed as a reference to “television channel”

  • Brand name or “trade name” means a brand name or a trade name, whether registered or not, that is to say, a name or a mark, such as symbol, monogram, logo, label, signature, or invented word or writing which is used in relation to such specified services for the purpose of indicating, or so as to indicate a connection in the course of trade between such specified services and some person using such name or mark with or without any indication of the identity of that person;

  • Product brand name means the name of the product exactly as it appears on the principal display panel of the product.

  • Cable Television Network or “cable TV network” means any system consisting of a set of closed transmission paths and associated signal generation, control and distribution equipment, designed to provide cable service for reception by multiple subscribers;

  • Universal Digital Loop Carrier (UDLC means the DLC system that has a CO terminal channel bank that is connected to the CO switches on the analog side.

  • Mobile food vendor means every corporation, association, joint stock association, person, firm or partnership, their lessees, directors, receivers, trustees, appointees by any court whatsoever, or the heirs, executors, administrators, or personal representatives or assignees of any deceased owner, owning, controlling, operating or managing any mobile food vending unit.

  • Common Channel Signaling (CCS means an out-of-band, packet-switched, signaling network used to transport supervision signals, control signals, and data messages. It is a special network, fully separate from the transmission path of the public switched network. Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, the CCS protocol used by the Parties shall be SS7.

  • Game has the meaning ascribed to that term in the Control Act;

  • Digital Cross Connect System or "DCS" is a function which provides automated Cross Connection of Digital Signal Level 0 (DS0) or higher transmission bit rate digital channels within physical interface facilities. Types of DCS include but are not limited to DCS 1/0s, DCS 3/1s, and DCS 3/3s, where the nomenclature 1/0 denotes interfaces typically at the DS1 rate or greater with Cross Connection typically at the DS0 rate. This same nomenclature, at the appropriate rate substitution, extends to the other types of DCS specifically cited as 3/1 and 3/3. Types of DCS that cross connect Synchronous Transport Signal level 1 (STS-1 s) or other Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) signals (e.g., STS-3) are also DCS, although not denoted by this same type of nomenclature. DCS may provide the functionality of more than one of the aforementioned DCS types (e.g., DCS 3/3/1 which combines functionality of DCS 3/3 and DCS 3/1). For such DCS, the requirements will be, at least, the aggregation of requirements on the "component" DCS. In locations where automated Cross Connection capability does not exist, DCS will be defined as the combination of the functionality provided by a Digital Signal Cross Connect (DSX) or Light Guide Cross Connect (LGX) patch panels and D4 channel banks or other DS0 and above multiplexing equipment used to provide the function of a manual Cross Connection. Interconnection is between a DSX or LGX to a Switch, another Cross Connection, or other service platform device.

  • Cannabis wholesaler means any licensed person or entity that purchases or otherwise obtains, stores, sells or otherwise transfers, and may transport, cannabis items for the purpose of resale or other transfer to either another cannabis wholesaler or to a cannabis retailer, but not to consumers.

  • Games means games of chance.

  • Integrated Digital Loop Carrier means a subscriber loop carrier system that is twenty-four (24) local Loop transmission paths combined into a 1.544 Mbps digital signal which integrates within the switch at a DS1 level.

  • Transient lodging means a room or a suite of rooms.

  • Access Channel means any Channel, or portion thereof, designated for Access purposes or otherwise made available to facilitate or transmit Access programming or services.

  • Video programming means programming provided by, or generally considered comparable to programming provided by, a television broadcast station.

  • Backsiphonage means the flow of water or other liquids, mixtures or substances into the potable water system from any source other than its intended source, caused by the reduction of pressure in the potable water system.

  • Retailer means every person engaged in the business of making sales at retail, or for distribution,

  • End Users means a Third Party residence or business that subscribes to Telecommunications Services provided by any of the Parties at retail. As used herein, the term “End User(s)” does not include any of the Parties to this Agreement with respect to any item or service obtained under this Agreement.

  • hostel means a place of residence for the students of the University, or its colleges, institutions and study centers, established or recognized to be as such by the University;

  • rebroadcasting means the simultaneous broadcasting by one broadcasting organisation of the broadcast of another broadcasting organisation.

  • Transient merchant means any person who engages in a temporary or itinerant merchandising business and in the course of such business hires, leases or occupies any building or structure whatsoever, or who operates out of a vehicle which is parked anywhere within the City limits. Temporary association with a local merchant, dealer, trader or auctioneer, or conduct of such transient business in connection with, as a part of, or in the name of any local merchant, dealer, trader or auctioneer does not exempt any person from being considered a transient merchant.

  • Shadow tray means a device attached to the radiation head to support auxiliary beam blocking material.

  • Distribution Network Operator or “DSO” shall mean the operator of a Distribution Network.

  • Wholesaler means any person, other than a vintner, brewer or bottler of beer or wine, who shall sell, barter, exchange, offer for sale, have in possession with intent to sell, deal or traffic in alcoholic liquor, wine, or beer. A wholesaler shall not sell for consumption upon the premises.