CDD definition

CDD means information and documentation required to:-
CDD a Community Development District and/or Community Development Authority or similar governmental or quasi-governmental entity created under state or local statutes to encourage planned community development and to allow for the construction and maintenance of long-term infrastructure through alternative financing sources, including the tax-exempt and/or the taxable bond markets.

Examples of CDD in a sentence

  • In addition, this Management Bulletin will explain the process by which the allocation amounts were determined and the California Department of Education (CDE), Child Development Division (CDD), policies regarding the administration of Stage 3 Set-Aside this fiscal year.

  • In 2002 WCL, Pasco Heights Development Corp (PHDC), Clearwater Bay Associates, Meadow Pointe, Meadow Pointe III CDD and the District for the WCL DRI entered into a Development Agreement (DA) with the County to construct 2 lanes of S.R. 56 from S.R. 581 to WCL’s eastern boundary to mitigate WCL’s Phase I transportation impacts.

  • Xxxxx, President Telephone Number: (000) 000-0000 Facsimile Number: (727) 824o-0865 CDD Meadow Pointe IV Community Development District c/x Xxxxxxx & Xxxxx 000 X.

  • Subsequently in 2003, Wiregrass, the County and Meadow Pointe IV CDD entered into a “Right-of-Way Acquisition, Road Design, Permitting and Construction Agreement” for the S.R. 56 project (original S.R. 56 Agreement).

More Definitions of CDD

CDD means the client due diligence procedures which may be required to identify, and verify the identity of, any Client, any Beneficiary, any CDD Relevant Person or any person connected to the foregoing who Hawksford may reasonably wish to identify or verify the identity of;
CDD means the customer due diligence measures required to be undertaken to identify and verify your identity in accordance with applicable law and regulation (including without limitation anti-money laundering).
CDD or “KYC” means identification and verification of:
CDD means customer due diligence, the measures a firm must take to identify a customer and to obtain information on the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship, as outlined in regulation 5 of the ML Regulations;
CDD means customer due diligence measures, the measures a firm must take to identify each customer and verify their identity and to obtain information on the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship, as required by Regulation 5;
CDD means client due-diligence documentation and information;