Definition of TCEQ

  1. TCEQ means the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Examples of TCEQ in a sentence

  1. For the purposes of this Section 4.12, there shall be offset against the amount of any losses the amount of reimbursement obligations payable by the TCEQ or other third party reimbursement programs or agreements (including, without limitation, any insurance policies or third party contractual indemnities in connection therewith in determining whether any Material Adverse Effect has occurred or could reasonably be expected to occur).
  2. A release from this facility was reported to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- January 10, 1994.
  3. The stages may include preliminary engineering, zoning, preliminary plat approval, engineering, clearing & grubbing, installation of water/waste water/storm water facilities, curbs & gutters, paving, utilities, installation of EPA, TCEQ and/or Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System storm water management items and municipal sign-off.

Definition of TCEQ in Performance Agreement

TCEQ means the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.