Catchment area definition

Catchment area means the geographical area covered under a Local Homeless Assistance Continuum of Care Plan, as designated and revised as necessary by the State Office on Homelessness, in accordance with Section 420.624, F.S.
Catchment area means all land over, through, or under which any water flows, runs, or percolates directly or indirectly into any reservoir erected or used in connection with any water supply;
Catchment area means the geographic part of the State served by a specific

Examples of Catchment area in a sentence

  • Ba-Phalaborwa Local Municipality is situated within the Olifants River Primary Catchment area, with the tertiary catchment water shed between the Ga-Selati River and the Letaba River taken along the topographical ridge line.

  • In case of Protection of Catchment area of Osmansagar and Himayatsagar lakes covered under the G.O.Ms.No.111 MA dated 08.03.1996, the restrictions on building and development activity imposed there in shall be applicable in Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) area.

  • Catchment area information is available on the Council’s website.

  • Catchment area maps are available online at:

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More Definitions of Catchment area

Catchment area means a geographic service area
Catchment area means the designated service area for a PACE plan.
Catchment area means the area which naturally drains into a dam, lake, reservoir, river or watercourse and from which the dam, lake, reservoir, river or watercourse receives surface or ground flow which originates from rainfall;
Catchment area means the group of counties, designated by the division administrator, that each mental health institute or state resource center is assigned to serve.
Catchment area means the geographic part of the State served by a specific area authority. authority or county program."
Catchment area means the geo- graphic area served by a project funded under section 319 of the Act.
Catchment area means the geographic area within which the Subgrantee administers and operates WAP;