Catchment area definition

Catchment area means all land over, through, or under which any water flows, runs or percolates directly or indirectly into any reservoir erected or used in connection with any water works;
Catchment area means the designated service area for a PACE plan.

Examples of Catchment area in a sentence

The property is situated within the G10M Quaternary Catchment area which falls under the Department of Water & Sanitation’s Berg Water Management Area.

More Definitions of Catchment area

Catchment area means the land area from which stormwater runoff is collected by a permittee’s MS4 and discharges through a single outfall to surface water.
Catchment area means the geographic part of the State served by a specific
Catchment area means a geographic service area
Catchment area means the group of counties, designated by the deputy director, that each mental health institute or state resource center is assigned to serve.
Catchment area means the geographic area within which the Subgrantee administers and operates WAP;
Catchment area means the geo- graphic area served by a project funded under section 319 of the Act.
Catchment area means an area designated under section 14;