Division Administrator Sample Clauses

Division Administrator a role whose main area of activity is setting up pizzeria parameters. Division Administrator can:
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Division Administrator. If the grievance is not resolved at Step 1, the grievant or their representative may present the written grievance to their Division Administrator, with a copy to the DHRM LRU within seven
Division Administrator. Career Plan member assigned by the College to coordinate the divisional activities and assist the CAO as necessary.
Division Administrator. Department director appointed to administrate a department division Full-time employee 140-square-foot office* 80" systems furniture
Division Administrator. Federal Highway Administration

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  • ADMINISTRATOR 20 9. Provide written notice of termination of services to each Client being served under this 21 Agreement, within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of termination notice. A copy of the notice of 22 termination of services must also be provided to ADMINISTRATOR within the fifteen (15) calendars 23 day period.

  • Claims Administrator A. The Human Resources Director through his/her designated Claims Administrators shall administer the provision of this policy. The City Physician shall provide the City's Claims Administrators with all available medical information concerning the Employee's injury and/or medical opinions as requested. Medical information and opinions shall be based upon the Employee's medical records and/or physical examination. Questions of Employee eligibility shall be determined by the provisions established under State Statute 49-110, 49-111 and Oklahoma Worker's Compensation Title 85. Prior to any denial of injury leave benefits where lost time actually occurred, the administrator shall notify Union and allow a Union representative the opportunity to review the application pending denial and provide any additional information relating to same as may be necessary. Should the City change designated Claims Administrators Local 176 will be notified in writing.

  • Exchange Administrator The entity selected by Freddie Mac to act as its exchange administrator for the Exchangeable Notes and the MAC Notes, which as of the Closing Date is U.S. Bank.

  • Program Administration An activity relating to the general management, oversight and coordination of community development programs. Costs directly related to carrying out eligible activities are not included.

  • Department Chairperson The department Chairperson has the dual responsibility of leading the department in fulfilling its responsibilities in academic and personnel areas and of facilitating the functioning of the department. The department Chairperson is the normal channel of communications between the department and other departments, division/areas or like groupings, offices and the administration.

  • Administrator Duties The Administrator has a duty to perform or observe all tasks to be performed or observed by the Administrator contained in this Agreement or otherwise.

  • Settlement Administrator 52. The Settlement Administrator shall administer various aspects of the Settlement as described in the next Paragraph and perform such other functions as are specified for the Settlement Administrator elsewhere in this Agreement, including, but not limited to, providing Mail Notice to Settlement Class Members as described in Section VII; effecting Publication Notice; establishing and operating the Settlement Website and a toll-free number; administering the Claims processes; and distributing cash payments according to the processes and criteria set forth in Section X and Exhibits 5, 6, and 7.

  • Plan Administrator Employees must elect a plan administrator during their initial enrollment in Advantage and may change their plan administrator election only during the annual open enrollment and when permitted under Section 5. Dependents must be enrolled through the same plan administrator as the employee.

  • Department Chairs The release time required to perform the administrative functions of the Department Chair positions shall be deducted from the total workload of the Department Chair with no less than fifty percent (50%) of this release taken from direct instructional duties.

  • Construction Administration Redeveloper shall be responsible for all components of the Redeveloper Improvements constructed by Redeveloper including construction management, coordination of contractors and regulatory permitting and other requirements. Redeveloper and its contractor(s) shall reasonably cooperate with City contractors performing work in the vicinity of the Redevelopment Project Area including, but not limited to, Redeveloper's scheduling of its work to provide for a smooth sequence of operations. The Redeveloper will be solely responsible for payment of all construction costs for the Redeveloper Improvements as set forth in this Redevelopment Agreement.

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