Mental health institute definition

Mental health institute means any institution operated by the department for specialized psychiatric services, research, education, and which is responsible for consultation with commu- nity programs for education and quality of care.
Mental health institute means state-operated inpatient facilities.

Examples of Mental health institute in a sentence

  • All notices of disputed charges should be sent to: Pin2Talk, Inc., c/o Billing Department, 000 Xxxxxxx Xxx., Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000, or via e-mail at

  • Staff's recommendation is $28,800 General Fund lower than the request, due to a duplication between R10 and R16 (Mental health institute capital outlay).

  • The request includes an increase of$258,275 General Fund requested through R16 (Mental health institute capital outlay).

  • See School Fire Risk Assessment – May 2022 • the school has a fire risk assessment undertaken by a competent body every 3 years.

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  • Mental health services means interventions designed to provide the maximum reduction of mental disability and restoration or maintenance of functioning consistent with the requirements for learning, development and enhanced self-sufficiency. Services shall include:

  • Mental health facility means a mental health facility as defined by the Inpatient Mental Health Treatment of Children Act;

  • Qualified mental health professional means a licensed medical practitioner or any other person meeting the qualifications specified in OAR 309-019-0125.

  • Community mental health program means all mental health