Carpet Cleaning definition

Carpet Cleaning means cleaning carpets by Extraction Method. The carpet shall be thoroughly cleaned (i.e. carpeted area) using the water extraction method. The cleaning operation shall begin by removing all moveable furnishings from the carpeted areas, placing the furnishings in an appropriate temporary location. All paper, gum, rubber bands, staples, paper clips, and other debris shall be removed from the carpeted area. A carpet vacuum shall be used to remove surface soil and embedded grit. All spots and stains shall be treated with an approved spot cleaning solution and a soft bristle brush. Spot cleaning should continue until as much of the spot or stain as possible has been removed. Water extraction equipment shall be operated over the entire carpeted area. All instructions provided by the manufacturers of the water extraction equipment and cleaning solutions shall be followed. After allowing sufficient drying time, the carpeted area shall be vacuumed following a pattern, which will give the carpet pile a uniform appearance. The carpet cleaning shall be concluded by replacing furnishings in their original locations. The proper ventilation and drying of these areas shall be ensured. Carpet cleaning shall be performed after close of business on a Saturday (or on a Friday before a 3-day weekend) to provide maximum amount of time for odors/fumes to dispel before the following workday, unless arranged differently with the On-Site Coordinator. “Carpet and Upholstery Maintenance (Spot Removal)” means carpeted and upholstered surfaces (such as carpeted floors, upholstered furniture and cloth covered partitions) shall be checked and spills, spots, marks or blots removed. For the purpose of this section, carpet maintenance is considered to be the treatment and removal of singular or multiple spills, spots, marks or blots on a carpeted or upholstered surface which causes a difference in color from that of the surrounding material. (Traffic or wear patterns are outside the scope of this section) These areas shall be treated as soon as discovered. The carpet manufacturer’s procedures for the specific materials involved shall be followed. After cleaning, the area should be free from visible spots and nonpermanent stains. The material manufacturer’s recommendations shall be followed whenever possible.
Carpet Cleaning. Tenant stipulates that the carpets were professionally cleaned upon initial occupancy and free of pet and urine odors and stains. Landlord will provide carpet cleaning upon vacancy at the expense of the Tenant. Costs specifically for professional cleaning of carpets will be automatically deducted. Carpets that become excessively soiled or stained will be charged extra. Upon vacancy, Tenant acknowledges that Landlord will hire a specific carpet cleaning vendor to test the carpets for urine and that Landlord shall not honor any receipts of carpet cleaning and that Landlord will have the carpets cleaned at Tenant’s expense with the approved vendor of the Landlord. Landlord reserves the right to inspect the carpets in the Premises “at will” according to ENTRY AND INSPECTION rules in paragraph #34. If carpets are deemed dirty a carpet cleaning service will be hired at Tenant’s expense in order to preserve the life of the carpeting. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to notify Landlord at the occurrence of any substantial stain so that the carpeting can be cleaned immediately at the Tenant’s expense.
Carpet Cleaning. A minimum charge of $100.00 for a one bedroom will be charged, $150.00 for a 2 bedroom and $175.00 for a 3 bedroom, $250 for house exceeding 3 bedrooms. If you have another company shampoo your carpets, you must turn in the receipt to us at the time of your inspection. Tenant understands that he/she must be moved out, their apartment or house must be cleaned, all damages must be repaired, and the keys must be returned before the last day of the lease. Anything in said apartment after that date will be assumed to be abandoned, and will belong to the LANDLORD or will be thrown away. LANDLORD reserves the right to charge a minimum dump fee of $100.00 per item required to be removed and transferred to the local sanitation station.

Examples of Carpet Cleaning in a sentence

  • CARPET CLEANING Space Frequency Public Areas The Lessor shall have an onsite building superintendent or a locally designated representative available to promptly respond to deficiencies, and immediately address all emergency situations.

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