CAS number definition

CAS number means the Chemical Abstract Service registry number identifying a particular substance.
CAS number means an assigned number by chemical abstract service (CAS) to identify a substance. CAS numbers index information published in chemical abstracts by the American chemical society.

Examples of CAS number in a sentence

The list applies to chemicals of the same structural formula (including hydrates) regardless of name or CAS number.

That list shall comprise only the names of the substances, including their EINECS and CAS number if available and other identity codes, and the first envisaged registration deadline.

Next to each chemical name will be the CAS number of that chemical.

A chemical reaction may be expressed by a change of the 'CAS number'.

The SDS must include all chemical compounds present in concentrations greater than 0.1% for each product offered by CAS number; no “trade secret” or otherwise defined ingredients shall be accepted by the City.

More Definitions of CAS number

CAS number means the number given to a compound by the American Chemical Society's Chemical Abstract Service.
CAS number means the identification number assigned to a substance by the Chemical Abstract Service.
CAS number or "chemical identity" means the number or name, respectively, that uniquely identifies a chemical, given in accordance with the nomenclature systems of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry or the Chemical Abstracts Service, or a technical name;
CAS number means the Chemical Abstract Service Registry number.