CACIOB definition

CACIOB means Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International d’Obedience.

Examples of CACIOB in a sentence

  • Preferably, the colours should display the colours of obedience (black – red -- yellow) and include the colours indicating CACIOB (white) and reserve CACIOB (orange) [e.g., a basic rosette and stripes being white (orange) and the smaller rosettes on top being black – red – yellow colour].

  • To be eligible for the title of C.I.OB., a dog must have obtained: a) at the minimum age of 15 months, 2 CACIOB (Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat International d’Obedience) in 2 different countries.b) Between the first and last CACIOB, a minimum period of one year and one day must have elapsed.

  • At international competitions with CACIOB, the FCI ineligibility rules must be followed as well as the eligibility rules of the organising country, if not otherwise stated.

  • For these awards to be confirmed by the FCI, the dogs have to be registered with the studbook (vs appendix to the studbook) of an FCI member or contract partner A prize or a rosette is to be given to the dog that is awarded the CACIOB and the one awarded reserve CACIOB.

  • The members and contract partners are responsible for training and examining (in accordance with the FCI regulations) the judges who will be authorised to award CACIB, CACIT, CACIAG, CACIOB and CACIL.

  • In international trials with CACIOB, the class 3 rules must be followed from 1.1.2016.

  • The rules and guidelines of Class 3 should be applied at International obedience competitions where a CACIOB and reserve CACIOB can be awarded as well as World and Section Winner competitions.These rules are effective from 1.1.2021.

  • To participate in an international obedience competition (with CACIOB), however, both the handler and the dog together should at least have passed the previous highest obedience class with a grade excellent and thus have the right to move up (Class 2 or a class with corresponding exercises) in their own country.It is up to each country to decide how many times a dog may enter a class after having received its initial 1st prize (excellent).

  • These rules and guidelines are applied at obedience trials in countries in which the Kennel Clubs have chosen to follow them.In international trials with CACIOB the Class 3 rules must be followed from 1.1.2021.Results from other obedience trials with different performances, but which meet the corresponding requirements should be acknowledged.

  • For these awards to be confirmed by the FCI, the dogs have to be registered in the studbook (vs appendix to the studbook) of an FCI member or contract partnerA prize or a rosette is to be given to the dog which is awarded the CACIOB and the one awarded reserve CACIOB.

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